The new Massif in short

Iveco is one of the few manufacturers in the world to offer a full range of wheel-drive vehicles . Massif , the new 4x4 led the company in a completely new professional transport segment , recalling the glorious ancestor that won Fiat Group a prominent place in the world of off-road vehicles : the Fiat Campagnola .
With this vehicle Iveco enters for the first time in the segment of light off-road volumes. The road follows in the spirit of the Fiat Campagnola , a medium that defined an era in Italy still lacks a modern road structure . La Campagnola held particular significance for Italy after the war and the reconstruction of the '50s, and is still present in the minds of Italians . But the Campagnola is not only that : in white livery , is inextricably linked to the apparitions of a Pope who has opened a new way of communicating with people. Also in white , but bearing the UN , has contributed to numerous international peacekeeping missions in all continents. Its predecessor , the Massif bears the robust versatility and simplicity of a vehicle designed for arduous missions , not to mention the economy.

A true off-road work

The new Iveco Massif is a vehicle with four wheel drive for off-road applications . The vehicle based on the structure of the off-road sport , before they " urbanizzassero " to become the "Sport Utility Vehicle " for use primarily on paved road. A return to the roots of the 4x4 that you leave behind the compromise between road and off-road authoritatively placed in the world of professional transport . All without sacrificing aesthetics of style Giugiaro.
Massif is a true off-road all-terrain , capable of specific performance level routes with confidence and deal with extreme off-road . Massif boasts a gradeability at full 100% load , has an angle of 50 ° , a departure angle of 30 ° and a ramp angle of 24 ° . The standard fording depth is 500 mm and the ground clearance with standard wheels and tires is 200 mm . All-wheel drive is switched off - with traction on the rear axle - to ensure considerably reduced fuel consumption .

Massif is available in versions with long wheelbase ( 2768 mm) 5-door station wagon , pick-up truck and chassis cab , which in a 3-door station wagon version with short wheelbase ( 2452 mm ) for all versions is possible to choose either the left or right .
Massif is available in a wide range of variants and configurations , offering maximum productivity in all types of mission : 2 engines and 4 versions , with product configurations vary , depending on the market and the customer . All this naturally adds maximum versatility in the versions of pick- up and chassis cab configurations for specific transport missions .

Iveco - a full range of wheel-drive vehicles

Iveco Massif 4x4 competes in a small but important niche in the market of work vehicles wheel drive. Massif is produced in collaboration with the Spanish manufacturer Santana , whose original vehicle was completely revised by Iveco experts with considerable use of technology and solutions derived from the Daily. The Massif is the true heir to the Daily 4x4 is well known for its use in military and civilian VM 90 different armed forces and civil defense corps of . It shares the drive architecture with the transfer box flanged to the gearbox to lower the maximum vehicle gauge , suitable for long and fast moving road and off-road tough. Result of this extensive re-engineering is a suitable vehicle to take on missions as a true " off-road truck ." Iveco's expertise in the 4x4 sector extends to the entire range of commercial vehicles, from light to heavy - Daily, Eurocargo and Trakker - providing an appropriate response to each type of mission and all working conditions . These wheel drive vehicles are remarkably sturdy , ideal to transport personnel and equipment where needed, often in emergency conditions. The reliability of these vehicles is second to none in extreme situations under normal conditions. Driver comfort is not affected by the numerous demands of the driving off-road , not always fun as they might seem .

Excellent combination on the powertrain

Massif using the known efficiency of engines FPT 3.0 HPI 146cv with maximum torque of 350Nm and HPT 176 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm , combined with the six-speed gearbox ZF 6S400 . This excellent combination of powertrain components is inspired by the Daily range and is well proven in all aspects of reliability, performance and fuel economy. The transfer box is coupled to the drive train , and through the propeller shafts , front and rear axles . It allows a transmission ratio of about 1:1, and inserting a moving vehicle all-wheel drive . With the low range only all- wheel drive. The front wheels can have an optional wheel hubs to further improve fuel consumption when driving on the road. The parking brake is mounted on the flange of the rear axle output of the transfer box , thus allowing a greater brake torque, since it is multiplied by the ratio of transmission. This aspect is extremely important because it means that Massif may be retained in the parking brake on all gradients it able to cross .

Maximum comfort in the cabin

Inside , the cabin is perfectly designed to give maximum comfort to the driver and passengers, even in the turbulent off-road driving conditions for which the Massif range is designed . The seat upholstery is available in fabric or leather, but for the missions "heavy duty" there is a robust synthetic material. The rubber mats are easy to clean the cabin . The instrumentation is appropriate for the needs of a real offroad vehicle . The control for changing gear and the transfer case is mounted on the floor , in reach of the driver . You can also ask for the version equipped with air conditioning system for added comfort .
Iveco Massif - as the latest models of Trakker and Daily - is designed to emphasize once again the core values ​​of excellence of Iveco : Commitment, Reliability, Performance , Team Spirit and Power . Massif values ​​that it shares with the New Zealand rugby team , the All Blacks, who in their history have won more than anyone else . To emphasize this commonality of values, in the Massif launch version comes in black livery with tattoos that evoke the unmistakable personality of the All Blacks .