Living space in the cab

The three categories of use
Following a market research conducted at European and extra- European , Iveco has analyzed the missions entrusted to the driver and his truck. From this research , revealed the following three categories of employment :

  •     a single driver who performs paths to medium range , but the regulation of working time sometimes forces him to spend the night on board his vehicle. Another variant : more drivers take turns at the wheel , but it can happen that one of them cotters on board. Typical case of fleets ;
  •     a single driver who makes long-haul routes and overnight several times in a row in the cabin. As a general rule , the vehicle is assigned to the same driver , except during his vacation periods or recovery ;
  •     a crew of two drivers engaged in the long haul.

The three categories of use that can coexist within the same company , correspond to completely different equipment . For example, in the first two cases, the passenger seat is used only occasionally. If the set-up options are only available in the plant , the carrier will choose a compromise that would satisfy his needs and does not discriminate against the resale of the vehicle , but did not really optimize neither the functionality nor the price . In the Stralis Active Space cabs , thanks to decentralized personalization , you can optimize the preparation according to the use and make it evolve over the life of the vehicle.

the volume
The cab floor is flat, to facilitate domestic travel . The driver's seat is lowered by 15 cm. Three steps are therefore sufficient for access to the cabin , as the floor of the driver's seat is located 1.70 m from the ground. The base of the driver's seat rests on the flat floor . The configuration is the same on the right and , in the absence of the seat , the platform continues until the passenger side door . This symmetry allows to realize the right-hand drive versions without changing the base.

The raised roof allows for an interior height of 2 m on the rear panel , 1.96 m in front of the bunk and 1.90 m below the frame of the sunroof . This means that the vast majority of drivers will be able to move up into the cab. The electric sunroof is standard and is equipped with an anti -insect netting .

The floor is carpeted , as well as the containers under the seats. The faces of the panels are light gray , while the dashboard is made of two-tone gray . The seats and the center door panels are lined with elegant velvet , also used for the curtains of the berth . Particular attention has been paid to finish, choice of materials and the " perceived quality " .
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