The range of trucks and tractors

Tractors: 4x2 and 6x2
The Stralis tractor is equipped as standard with rear air suspension with four air-cushion system and adjust the trim ( +140 -70 mm) . There are two steps : 3,65 m and 3,80 m. The four engines are available from the date of the launch, with left or right.

For volume transport , there is a low height tractor with air suspension ( front oscillation stroke : +79 -51 mm - rear: +115 -50 mm) and low profile tires 295/60 R 22.5. E ' available a single step of 3.65 m. Guide to the right or to the left .

An 6x2 tractor with steered tag axle placed in front of the bridge, is provided with a guide to the right or the left. Extreme step of 3.80 m.

Wagons : 6x2
The carts are available at the date of the launch all three axes , type 6x2 . The third axle with single wheels , placed behind the rear axle , steering is hydraulically controlled . This technology, developed by Iveco almost ten years ago , offers great advantages in terms of handling and reduced tire wear. In addition to the standard 6x2 , the range includes a special model for swap bodies , characterized by high air suspension stroke swing (front : +200 -90 mm ​​- rear: -104 +180 mm) , and a model with lowered suspension integrals (running front oscillation -65 +65 mm - rear +200 -70 mm) and low profile tires. Steps: 4.50 m , 4.80 m and 5.10 m. The third axis is liftable with the exception of the wagons large volume , where the transfer of the load on the motor bridge is via simple lightening of the suspension of the third axis .