Innovative cab interiors

The cab Active Space fulfills three objectives :

  •     improve working conditions and safety , thanks to a driving position more adaptable , to a dashboard fitted with a screen that displays the operating parameters and running , to commands gathered under and above the steering wheel , a driving comfort higher level ;
  •     facilitate life on board thanks to the flat floor, high roof and a new organization of the rest area ;
  •     be modular , adapted to any type of use and evolve in a simple and economic in case of change of mission or resale of the vehicle, thanks to a concept of decentralized personalization .

In mounting the cab , took into account the comments expressed by users since the launch of the EuroTech and EuroStar ( 1992 and 1993) , market trends and the evolution of the missions of the driver and his truck . After a detailed market study , several solutions have been developed for the driver's seat, the layout of the controls and the preparation of for the rest area . These solutions were subjected to the following tests on a sample of users consists of hauliers and drivers . The final version has been so unanimously approved by transportation professionals . The creativity of the Iveco design was thus able to express themselves in a perfectly effective for the welfare of the driver.

The Active Space cab is available in one configuration : long high roof . Neither too high nor too low , it adapts to all the missions of transport in the short or long haul , with one or two drivers , thanks to the modular design of the interior space . Personalization can be postponed until the moment of delivery and responsible for a fleet can even replace cheaply cabin environment as a function of the new mission of a vehicle. The two "secrets" of the system are , on the one hand , the presence (standard) mounting points for all optional and , on the other hand, the commercial management of the particular " kit " to provide customers the same price construction , regardless of the fact that this is made ​​in the factory or at the dealer immediately before delivery. The decentralized personalization can also be used when the vehicle is sold , in order to make it more responsive to the needs of the new owner.
With the Active Space cab , Iveco offers all customers the flat floor and the dining area with armchair and table . This "democratization of the living space " had already been applied in 1992 with the high roof of the EuroTech series .

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