Transmission and brakes

Transmission : assisted or automated gearboxes
The gearboxes are supplied by ZF . The mechanical belong to the series ECOSPLIT with assistance ServoShift , type 16S181 for Cursor 10 400 and 430 hp and type 16S221 for the Cursor 13 engine with 480 hp . The automated gearboxes EuroTronic fully automated , available on request , are the type 12AS2301 for Cursor 10 400 and 430 hp and the type 16AS2601 for the Cursor 13 engine with 480 hp . All transmissions are in direct relationship last . The new 540 HP Cursor 13 is coupled in series all'EuroTronic full automated version 16AS2601 in overdrive .
The changes in speed automated EuroTronic fully automated feature a logic that evaluates the driving style of the driver, comparing the pressure on the accelerator pedal and the effort of resistance of the vehicle. The transmission ratio inserted by the program represents the best compromise between the load and the request for power expressed by the driver . The EuroTronic fully automated feature a manual mode that the driver can reset at any time to find a guide similar to that of the exchange EuroTronic of the previous generation . It 's the case, in particular , the runs at full load , to climb and have more power on the decompression brake . If however, there is a risk of over-revving , it will be impossible to downshift .
Compared to a conventional transmission , the EuroTronic fully automated offers multiple advantages: significant improvement in driving comfort , automatic logic that applies the principles of economic driving the choice of the ideal relationship , protection against over-revving that can damage the transmission , reduction clutch wear and, due to the helical shape of the gears, reducing fuel consumption and noise emission .

Brakes: four discs with electronic control
The Stralis tractors and trucks are equipped with four ventilated disc brakes Knorr SB 7000 , diameter 436 x 45 , pneumatically and electronically controlled EBS Wabco . Pressing the brake pedal , the driver sets a value of deceleration . The electronic control unit regulates the brake pressure in the brake cylinders of the tractor , activate the slow motion of the engine - as well as the transmission brake , if provided - and modulates the supply pressure of the brakes of the trailer , so as to achieve a harmonious distribution of braking force between the axles . If the trailer is an old design , the onset of braking the tractor is aligned with that of the semi-trailer. The state of brake wear can be displayed on the screen control the dashboard . The EBS control unit ensures the functions of the ABS ( Antilock Braking System ) , the load sensing valve according to the load and ASR ( anti-spin ) .

The EBS offers several advantages: reduction of 16 m braking distance at 85 km / h when the trailer is equipped with EBS ; reduced from 7 to 3 the number of interventions for the replacement of the brake disc brakes ( for a distance 650,000 km) , wear proper distribution between the axles of the tractor and the semi-trailer ; optimal management of auxiliary retarders . For the customer, this translates into a significant reduction of maintenance costs .

Traffic Calming additional
For extreme applications , Iveco offers as an option on all versions of the Stralis , the ZF Intarder of the second generation is characterized by a wider range of rpm for maximum deceleration torque and a reduction of power consumption without load .
Recall that the energy absorbed by Iveco Turbo Brake is disposed tailpipe and that the cooling system of the engine is fully available to dissipate the energy absorbed by the transmission brake . The retarding effect of the two systems can then be combined