The advantages of the Stralis range for customers

The range Iveco Stralis offers customers important advantages:

Economy. Thanks to their advanced technology , the Iveco Cursor engines meet the Euro standards 3 , with reduced fuel consumption and oil consumption very low (the range will adopt fully synthetic oils ) . The aerodynamic lines of the cabin and interventions in the cooling system reduces energy consumption required dall'avanzamento of the vehicle. The EuroTronic gearbox makes driving economic available to all drivers.

Reduction of maintenance costs . The wear of the friction is greatly reduced, thanks to the torque characteristics of the Cursor engines and the adoption of an automated gearbox . The increased brake life is guaranteed by the presence of series of a powerful engine retarder and the facility electronic EBS , which distributes the braking force on the axles and integrates the rumble in the service brake. The new electric system ensures the highest quality of the connections .

Reduced downtime . Prolonged intervals for oil changes (adopting synthetic oil) and interventions on the brakes ; routine inspection without removal of organs; board diagnostics for fault and diagnostics quick and accurate thanks to the new electrical system and tools Modus and IWT available to the Iveco network , all of these solutions provide fleet managers the maximum vehicle availability and planned management of the interventions in the workshop.

Increased productivity. The adjustment easier and cheaper equipment installed on the cab to the mission of the vehicle provides the fleet manager a management flexibility than ever before.

Better quality of life of the driver. The innovative solutions developed by Iveco for the interior of the Stralis Active Space cab meet the needs expressed by the drivers who work alone . Given the difficulty for transportation companies to find and retain experienced drivers , driving pleasure and liveability of the Stralis Active Space are major topics.

Security . The comfort is synonymous with less fatigue while driving and a faster recovery during break times. The controls are arranged rationally , avoid the loss of attention . The high standard of passive safety the Stralis cab are added to the dynamic safety of the vehicle braking system EBS, engine retarder as standard, road holding and steering accuracy .