The range of trucks and tractors Stralis Active Time and Active Day

Wagons : 4x2 and 6x2
The wagons are two or three axes. The standard version of the 4x2 trucks have a front suspension to two parabolic springs and a rear air suspension with four bellows . However, it is available a rear suspension with parabolic springs with less power (270 hp - 310 hp - 350 hp). A version with full air suspension is provided on all engines . It is primarily intended for the transport of fragile goods and special missions of the distribution , which require significant variations in the height and slope of the floor during the operations of loading and unloading.

For the carriage of cars , there will be a specific model with 400 or 430 hp engine , Active Time cab , single step of 5.50 m air suspension . The front axle is strongly curved to reduce the height of the frame.
Wagons with three axes are of the type 6x2 . The third axis , single wheels and located behind the bridge is fixed or steering through an electro-hydraulic system . The latter technology , perfected by Iveco in a decade , offers significant advantages in terms of handling and reduced tire wear . The two rear axles , air suspension , while the front suspension is parabolic . In addition to these versions, Iveco offers two models with air suspension . The first is destined to the same distribution missions of 4x2 previously described. The second model was specifically designed for the transport of containers, with air suspension on wide (front : +200 / - 90 mm ​​- rear: +180 / -104 mm) . The front suspension geometry has four trailing arms and a control arm .

Iveco has also provided a wagon 6x2 with third axle wheels, fixed and liftable , also located behind the bridge . The air suspension is a four pillows on the bridge and on the third axis , which offers two options for approval of the tandem : 8 to 12 t + 10.5 + 10.5 t .
Tractors: 4x2 and 6x2
The standard Stralis tractor is fitted as standard with a rear air suspension with four dividers with system set-up quick ( +140 -70 mm) . There are two steps ( 3.65 m and 3.80 m ) and four engines: 310 hp - 350 hp - 400 hp and 430 hp .

Iveco has provided two variants of tractors with reinforced frame . One is dedicated to challenging courses , such as those that you can still find in Eastern European countries . The model RR ( "rough roads" ) is provided with a front suspension with a capacity of 8 tons. The other variant is intended for mixed uses , in which most of the tracks you play on the road, but with drawn terminals on the slopes of the yards . The back deck is of the type with reduction gears in the hubs ( hence the name HR , " hub-reduction ") belongs to the Trakker range and improves both ride height that the performance of hill start . The tractors HR and RR keep the rear air suspension and are available through the Cursor 10-400 and 10-430 .

For volume transport , Iveco has provided a tractor with air suspension and low profile tires 295/60 R 22.5 or mixed (front 315/60 R 22.5 - rear 295/60 R 22.5 ) .

Finally, we mention the tractor 6X2, mainly targeted at the UK market , which steered tag axle with air suspension is placed just ahead of the engine. The maximum interval is 3.80 m.