Stralis Active Day and Active Time: designed in the name of productivity

The development of the Stralis range was done by pursuing productivity as a main objective , for both the driver and the vehicle owner and the customer service.

The productivity for the driver
The daily user of a Stralis Active Day and Active Time has countless reasons to appreciate his vehicle. The good reputation of the Stralis Active Space and its close family relationship with the new models are aimed at enhancing the driver . The positive impression is confirmed as soon as you grab the door handle , well positioned and protected against soiling due to bad weather thanks to extensive aerodynamic deflectors , located at the corners of the front. As evidence of the quality of assembly , the door closes perfectly , without requiring the slam . The ease of access on board - handles arranged rationally , dais lit , wide non-slip steps , ideal ride height of the platform - provides security missions involving ascents / descents frequent. All this translates into a reduction of fatigue at the end of the day. Daily checks require a glance under the grille ( for coolant) and directly from the driving ( oil level ) . Any insufficient level of a liquid is clearly indicated on the display control .

Best driving conditions ...
All drivers are always an optimal driving position , regardless of their size, due to adjustments of the steering wheel and seat . The commands are grouped rationally and on hand to prevent any distraction to the driver. The controls on the steering wheel allow you to never take your eyes off the road . The control display , large and color , it is easy to read. Among the numerous information, please view the values ​​in figures and analog relating to consumption , allowing the driver to optimize the driving to save fuel. Another valuable aid to economical driving , the extensive range of torque of the Cursor engines coincides with the area of ​​the ideal efficiency . The high torque from low revs facilitates starting in all load conditions. The 16-speed gearboxes , with actuator , can be handled without any effort. The sound insulation and comfort of the suspension ( cab and chassis ) were given special attention and are part of the strengths of the Stralis . The high standards of passive safety the Stralis cab , add dynamic safety of the vehicle braking system EBS, engine retarder as standard, road holding and steering accuracy . The braking system of tractors adapts automatically to the semi-trailer, which eliminates the risk of so-called " accordion effect " . With modern semi-trailers equipped with brakes EBS, the quality of braking performance is optimized and braking distances are further reduced (up to 16 but 85 km / h ) .

And rest ...
During breaks or overnight stays on board , the driver benefits from a functional layout of the interior space : numerous storage compartments , sleeper convertible bench seat . Numerous comfort features make life easier on board: isothermal compartment , media bottle holder cup holder. In terms of habitable volume , the "must " remains the Active Time cab with raised roof , in which you can stand.

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