Stralis becomes a family from long range to urban distribution

In the road transport sector , the year 2002 was marked by an important event : the launch of the new Iveco Stralis Active Space heavy , destined for European routes . The concept Stralis has convinced both carriers , thanks to the reliability and economy of operation , both drivers, conquered by the comfort and quality of life on board.

Iveco Stralis now extends the concept to other heavy road vehicles in its range : from the carts and tractors , which operate at national level, in the medium / long-range , right up to heavy goods vehicles for distribution.

The concept Stralis
The concept is synonymous with Stralis cab offering a seat , friendly and functional tools that promote economic and safe driving , a space to live, set up so that the driver can make the most comfort, and during the hours of driving during breaks . These vehicles comply with the limits of the Euro 3 emissions standards , which , thanks to the interventions made ​​on the vehicle , allowing lower fuel consumption of Euro 2 versions . This is also the result of the most recent developments of electronics applied to operating the vehicle and , above all, safety equipment (brakes, ABS / EBS ) and the perfect interplay of powertrain components .

After the Active Space cab , space the cabins Active Time and Active Day
In the field of national transport , the climbs / descents from the cabin are becoming more frequent , as well as driving times in metropolitan areas with high traffic density. The driver rarely overnight on board the vehicle . For applications of the distribution, he returns systematically in the end of the day . On the other hand , the needs in terms of driving are no less important in the long haul . For this reason, Iveco has developed cabins a little ' less wide ( 2.28 m instead of 2.48 m) to improve handling , platform height of 15 cm and staggered steps to facilitate access on board: the cab Active Day and Active Time Sleeper Cab , available in a version with standard roof and a cot or high roof and with one or two beds . The living space is less generous than one Active Space cab , but the driver's seat has the same characteristics of ergonomics and comfort.

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