An interior space functional

The interior of the cabins Stralis Active Time and Active Day meets two requirements:

improve working conditions and safety , with a more modular driver's seat , an instrument panel features a display for displaying the functional parameters and route commands gathered above and below the steering wheel, a higher level of ride comfort ;
make life easier on board the Active Time, through the organization of the rest area .

As for the driver's seat, the layout of the controls and the living space , the setting of the cabins Stralis is the result of extensive studies on the evolution of working conditions and the missions entrusted to drivers in the various European countries. The solutions developed by Iveco design offices have been tested and validated with users , both owners and drivers. The validity of this approach was confirmed by the excellent reception given by the drivers to the Active Space cab .

Driver's seat lowered
To reduce driver fatigue in the missions of the distribution, characterized by frequent ascents / descents from the vehicle , the cabins Active Time and Active Day has been lowered by 15 cm . At full load, the height of the floor of the driver's seat with respect to the ground is 1.24 m with tires 315 /80 R 22.5. On the other hand , the bonnet is bigger, with a height of 35 cm. The suspension of the cabins, a new concept, includes two air springs front and two rear coil springs . Thanks to their low frequency of oscillation , the elements tires filter the vibrations produced by the road and the stresses due to the semitrailer . A request on the Active Time Sleeper Cab , the suspension may be with four air springs .

The driving position is identical to that of the Stralis Active Space . The chair is equipped with air suspension is adjustable in length , height and angle. It is covered with dark red fabric , with headrest and seat belt integrated. The seat can be lowered quickly to facilitate the descent from the vehicle. Thanks to the articulation of the steering column , the steering wheel ensures a wide angular excursion : from 20 ° to 40 ° to the vertical , according to a growing tendency from the drivers . The steering wheel is also adjustable in height and is sufficient to operate a pneumatic foot switch, placed on the floor of the cabin.

The armrest , located along the window , a command console integrates the power windows , the defrosting device and electric control (optional) rear-view mirrors . The extension down the side window was kept on Active Day cab , and was instead eliminated on the Active Time , to preserve the tranquility of the driver during the nights on board. The cassette inserted into the port can accommodate a water bottle large format . The fabric covering of the door panels is identical to that of the seats . Each port has a sun blind .

The controls on the steering wheel
The central part of the steering wheel is designed for the development of a future air-bag . On the sides , there are several buttons that can be operated with the fingertips , without taking your hands off the wheel. The left control the radio - station selection and volume - and the CD player . The buttons on the right allow you instead to "navigate " through the menu of the on-board computer and displays various information on the display.

Under the steering wheel, the left column switch controls the functions related to lighting and visibility : windshield wipers , turn signal and switching headlights / high beams . The column switch right is reserved to the vehicle speed . It in fact operates the cruise control ( cruise control ), and the engine retarder , ie the decompression brake of which the Cursor engines are equipped as standard . In phase adjustment of speed, the engine retarder intervenes automatically when the vehicle exceeds the speed stored ( for example , in descent ) . The Stralis can be equipped with a hydraulic retarder on the transmission ( Intarder ZF ) , operated by the same lever under the steering wheel , on the right side .
The gearboxes ZF 16-speed coupled to the Cursor 8-350 and 10 , possess series of assistance ServoShift , which has allowed to limit the length and the effort of the lever inserted on the engine tunnel , in a position that does not hinder the ' access to the center of the cabin. In the presence of the automatic gear EuroTronic II ( on request), the switch is always located to the right of the seat, on a fixed support .

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