The Stralis Active Space cab: new both inside and outside

Although sharing some structural elements with the EuroStar existing cab , the cab Active Space is completely new with regard to the particular external and internal aerodynamics that contribute , to the look and staging of the driver's seat and the area of relaxation / rest.

Aesthetics aimed at saving fuel
The external forms of Stralis cab are designed to ensure a better flow of the air : the angles of the front part of the cabin and the bumpers are more rounded , as well as the front of the raised roof . The flowing lines are the result of aerodynamic research and give a modern look to the Stralis and harmonious . The large side deflectors channel the flow of air to the sides of the cabin and effectively protect the side windows , rear view mirrors and door handles splash of mud from the front wheels. The design of the radiator grille, with the grid oversized , allowed to increase the air flow to the radiator. The study in the wind tunnel covered the general forms of the cabin and some details : sun visor , reliefs of the pavilion floor and aerodynamic elements junction between the cab and the body or between the cab and the trailer .
When the Active Space cab is coupled to a wagon , the pavilion is equipped as standard with an integrated adjustable deflector . For tractors , Iveco proposes to request a deflector formed by a three-dimensional element adjustable upper and two lateral extensions (the left is mobile) to allow access to the work platform . In this way , we get an aerodynamic continuity between the cab and the body ( of the wagon or semi-trailer ) up to an external height of 4 meters.
The amenities aerodynamic allow to reduce the resistance to penetration in the air and, consequently , fuel consumption . Their effectiveness is the maximum cruising speed of the vehicle , the usage condition statistically more frequent .

Style and functionality
The aerodynamic study has traced outline fluid , but leaving a certain degree of freedom to the style. Iveco wanted to give the new range image performance , without resorting to aggressive elements , inspire a sense of welcome and fit harmoniously into the world of the Stralis road. In addition, as a manufacturer Iveco , whose roots lie in the " cradle" of automotive design , absolutely had to bring a touch of elegance to products intended to convey the image of its clients. The famous studio style Garnero has worked with engineers and designers Iveco .

A greater cooling capacity of the engine
Compared to the Eurostar , the surface of the radiator coolant has gone from 68 to 84 dm2 (+23%) , while that of the heat exchanger air cooler ( intercooler ) was increased from 47 to 57 dm2 (+21% ) . The purpose of these interventions is threefold : to reduce the running time of the fan; decrease the temperature of the charge air at the entrance of the engine to limit the maximum temperature at the time of combustion ( the reduction of polluting emissions determines strong increases in temperature ) ; disperse through the cooling liquid of the engine , the amount of energy absorbed by the retarder on the transmission , more and more efficient . The air supply to the radiator is favored by the new front of the cab Active Space and the arrangement of the pipes and the various controls located behind the grille . Furthermore , the fan has been equipped with a new electronic coupling which ensures a more progressive insertion and rotation speed lower than the intermediate speed of the motor . Iveco engineers evaluate to 1 , 5 % fuel savings induced by the new cooling unit . A flexible grid is placed in front of the radiators , to prevent the entry of insects in the pipes , with consequent risks of obstruction . This grid is removable for easy cleaning.

A step forward in terms of comfort
The new air suspension to four points with shock absorbers and anti-roll bar improves comfort , thanks to a more effective absorption of the stresses coming from the road semitrailer , as well as to an oscillation frequency lower. The cab up to a maximum angle of 72 ° and without having to open the front grille is secured by a hydraulic cylinder , powered by an electric pump as standard. Two containers side , accessible from outside and open the cab , accessories allow you to fix the driver's employment (gloves , safety shoes , cans, etc. . ) . Isolated from the cockpit, these containers keep out any unpleasant odor. Access to the cabin is allowed three non-slip steps are equally spaced. The engine air intake is achieved via the chimney flat , located on the left rear of the cabin.