The installation of the SCR system on the vehicle

The AdBlue tank ( standard tank capacity : 60 liters , also available 45 and 120l ) is placed
on the right side , between the fender and the fuel tank . The diameter of the fill tube is
sufficiently low to avoid the accidental introduction of diesel dispenser . the gun
AdBlue dispenser is equipped with the end of a valve , which is unlocked by means of magnets
located at the entrance of the tank. In this way, the AdBlue can not be paid by mistake in a
another tank ( for example , the main tank of the diesel fuel). The suction pipe on AdBlue
which is also installed on the level indicator - is surrounded by a duct in which the water circulates
of the engine. The heating system is opened by a temperature probe . the filtering
AdBlue is ensured by a pre- filter, located on the tank , and by a fine filter , located at the entrance
of the pump. This is located under the rear cab suspension crossmember ,
inside a hermetic casing which also contains the control unit for dosing
AdBlue . The pipes are made of stainless steel or plastic insensitive oxidant effect
AdBlue . Are heated by the engine ( between the tank and pump ) and a resistor
electricity ( between the pump and the dosing module , located along the frame ) . The dosage form , which
receives the compressed air and the AdBlue , is connected to an injector placed on the discharge pipe .
The entire storage facility, dosing and injection of AdBlue has been the subject of campaigns
test in extreme weather conditions , both in Scandinavia and Spain , to ensure the reliability
system required by European regulations .
The amount of AdBlue injected is determined by a control unit ( unit dosage ) that receives different
information, such as information relating to the temperature of the exhaust gas in the catalyst , the
quantity of fuel injected into the engine , the intake air flow rate and environmental conditions .
The catalyst is placed under the battery case in place of the muffler and is formed by elements
ceramics containing rare metals . The temperature in correspondence of the catalyst is detected by two
probes placed at the entrance and exit of the muffler to check the spraying AdBlue .
The casing of the silencer / catalytic converter is provided with an insulating coating to protect
adjacent components by the high temperatures .

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