Iveco and the environment

Concern for the environment is considered one of the company's key values ​​, because of its importance to the customer and society in general.

Thanks to a constant research and development, I veco designs and manufactures eco-friendly engines , considering aspects such as fuel consumption, greenhouse gases , exhaust emissions , noise , durability , reliability , recycling and savings in materials and energy resources.

This research therefore is not aimed solely to the fulfillment of regulatory constraints , but also to propose solutions that ensure maximum effectiveness , while taking into account the needs of our customers, both in terms of performance both in terms of cost-effectiveness. Iveco has this focus is the development of light commercial vehicles , medium and heavy , as well as those for transporting people and for special activities.

Iveco 's approach to technologies for reducing emissions is to consider a scenario of large-scale , to take account of the evolution over time of the emission limits of technology, the availability of resources and - not least - to optimize investments.
Iveco is able , in this way, to offer its customers the most advanced solutions and at the same time more reliable.