Iveco Motors

Among the world's largest manufacturers of engines, I veco Motors stands for advanced technology and high performance, the result of a constant research and development. Over the past five years, all the families of engines Iveco Motors ( light, medium , heavy ) have been completely renovated .
Iveco Motors is among the few manufacturers of engines in the world that can count on a full range of engines ranging from 40 to 1765 kW , suitable for any application : vehicle , agricultural, industrial, marine , rail , power generation .
Following a trend of growth, production Iveco Motors in 2004 was approximately 435,000 engines , 15 % more than the previous year. About 40% of these engines are used to equip the Iveco vehicles , while the remainder are dedicated to the open market .
The Iveco Motors engines are manufactured in nine plants (six in Europe, one in Brazil, one in Argentina , one in China ), and five are the centers of research and development ( in Italy , France, Switzerland and Spain).
The organization Iveco Motors is divided into five branches (France, Germany, Great Britain , Sweden and the United States of America ) and a distribution network consisting of
more than 350 distributors and about 1,150 service points .
Iveco Motors has always been sensitive to environmental issues , has developed advanced technologies for reducing emissions , with solutions that provide maximum
effectiveness in terms of performance and economy.
The Iveco Motors also includes vehicular and stationary versions with methane emission levels well below the Euro 5 and EEV
( Environmentally Enhanced Vehicle).