What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is the name used at the international level to define an additive developed for the sectors
chemical and automotive .
It is an aqueous solution of urea to 32.5% (minimum 31.8% - 33.3% maximum ) , high
purity , that by means of chemical reduction , transforms the nitrogen oxides into nitrogen (N2 ) and water ( H2O) in
gaseous elemental form .
The content in various metals must not exceed 0.2 mg / kg for each of them , not to contaminate
the catalyst . This excludes the possibility of replacing the AdBlue with the urea employed in agriculture.
The composition and quality standards are governed by DIN 70070 .
AdBlue is a synthetic, colorless, and odorless , it is not a hazardous substance in fact is not
flammable and non- toxic.

The principle of catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides . AdBlue
SCR technology is used since the 80s in thermal power stations and coal-fired turbines on
gas , diesel engines, locomotives and in large marine engines . In all these applications, the
combustion is optimized in order both to obtain the best yield and break down
directly the emissions of particulate matter. The post- treatment is based on a simple principle : the reaction
Chemical NH3 ammonia with the nitrogen oxides NO and NO2 , to produce two components
as harmless water vapor H2O and N2 . The formulas are as follows:
NO + NO2 + 2 2 NH3 N2 + 3 H2O
And in the presence of residual oxygen in the exhaust gas :
4 NO + 4 NH3 + O2 4 N2 + 6 H2O
NO2 + 8 7 6 NH3 N2 + 12 H2O
In large systems , ammonia is drawn directly from pressurized tanks .
On road vehicles, the pure ammonia solution has been studied and finally discarded, because of
problems of storage on board the trucks and in the places of supply. The technique urea
normalized form of a solution - AdBlue - was preferred for several reasons : this product
does not fall into the category of dangerous substances , there are no hazards in the event of losses and its
Storage is easy both in vehicles and at the carriers , despite some constraints imposed
its crystallization at temperatures below -11 ° .

The distribution of AdBlue
Given the rapid development expected in the number of vehicles equipped with SCR , is in the process of consolidation
a distribution network for the whole of Europe .
The producers of AdBlue are able to realize a direct distribution system at the
carriers with large fleets of vehicles. They also will supply the oil industry who have
planned to install the distributors of AdBlue to the left of the pumps of diesel. Some stations are
already in operation in Germany and others are under way in several European countries.
To ensure that customers have a widespread distribution and appropriate level of service from the start , Iveco
AdBlue is organizing to provide its network of dealerships through collaboration
with an important international partner.
The agreement provides that he is improving the distribution of AdBlue in Europe with a level
service which guarantees the delivery of the product within 48 hours of request. This result will be
assured by the presence of approximately 112 distribution points made ​​available from our supplier and
Operating throughout Europe since 2006. There will be three different distribution systems and storage:
10-liter drum with disposable bottles , 1000 liter container (IBC) with returnable container and
from about 4000 liters ( MiniBulk ) which will be stocked with bulk product .