The Daily AGile version

Forget the clutch and worry only about braking and accelerating : this possibility is extending from the car to the truck and in the coming years will be increasingly in demand.
For the AGile Daily , Iveco has chosen to automate the manual gearbox , in order to continue to enjoy its benefits :

  •     performance and responsiveness
  •     weight content
  •     ease of maintenance
  •     choice between automatic and manual sequential , again without using the clutch
  •     an optimized consumption thanks to the automated transmission which is even cheaper than a manual gearbox.

The new gearbox has been developed with ZF and innovative features :

  •     electromechanical actuators , simple , accurate and reliable than electro-hydraulic .
  •     integration of functions : recognition slopes and riding styles.
  •     drive ergonomically follows the natural inertial motion of the body in accelerated and braking :
  •         to accelerate and move up a gear lever backward ( the body is pushed towards the back )
  •         to brake and climbing gear , lever forward (the body is pushed towards the steering wheel ) .

When the ESP is present , the change is integrated with the Hill Holder function to allow the hill starts without the need to use the brake.
ESP (Electronic Stability Program)
This safety device , which prevents oversteer and understeer and helps the vehicle maintain its trajectory in the presence of slippery surfaces or unexpected obstacles , will be available from 2005.
The principle of operation is known : the control unit continuously compares the theoretical trajectory determined by steering with the one actually followed by the vehicle and if necessary corrects the braking force to individual wheels . Furthermore , if the speed is too high compared to the conditions of the road surface grip , taking off gas in the load control of the engine, even if the driver is accelerating.