Passenger transport, natural vocation

Passenger transport is one of the great vocations of the Daily : the first based on Iveco Daily minibus was founded in 1978 .
Since then it has been proven throughout the world and continues to garner new successes, such as a complete vehicle, and as a base to be set up to care for body builders .
Two types:
Daily Combi , with single rear wheels ( classes L and S)
    New for 2005 : the new automated .
Daily Minibus, with dual rear wheels (class C). Produced by Iveco van glazed on the basis of 4500 and 5600 kg and scudati from 5600 and 7000 kg . Are customized and commercialized by Irisbus . New for 2004 : the new 3.0 versions HPI and HPT .

The reasons for success .
In passenger transport , the Daily is appreciated mainly because :
• It is handy, easy and safe to drive
• offers a level of comfort equal to that of coaches
• has an excellent quality / price ratio
• has size and load capacity that easily lend themselves to the equipment bus :
• width of 2 meters , enough for a two-seat row seats to the left , a row of car seats on the right with a wide central corridor ;
• with bodies made ​​by Coachbuilders versions TBM on the internal width allows two rows of two-seater with a central corridor
• total length from 5.40 to 7.70 meters
• Internal height of the original minibus that exceeds two meters
• steps from 3000 to 4750 mm .
• MTT up to 7000kg , which allow for large luggage compartments and the use of scissor lifts for disabled transport .
These features allow layout from 9 to 28 seats plus the driver.
• Provides versions ecological natural gas for municipalities , historic centers , natural areas . With gas methane emissions are obtained below the forthcoming Euro 5 per CE norms .
• Provides a flexible and broad range of van versions of the original glass factory, then a bus to fit, without cutting the sheet and without affecting the original anti -corrosion treatment (cataphoresis ) .
In particular are available :
• 4 types of mechanical and electrical ports
• various types of glazing , from simple window mounted on rubber glued to the dark glass , all also available in double glazing ( opt)
• flexibility in customizing aesthetics, colors and fabrics.

The comfort of a large bus Granturismo
For the driver:
• remote control doors
• individual climate control
• Fantastic location, ergonomic seat
• electric brake for downhill ( opt)
• parking sensors .

For passengers :
• Air conditioning with individual distribution
• courtesy light individual
• audiovisual, TV, radio, listening with individual
• comfortable seats and ergonomically designed for different missions , from short distances to commute long distances to tourist
• optimum internal space , thanks to the wide spaces between the seats , large windows and original to the internal height of 2 meters which allows a large capacity of the overhead bins for carry-on baggage .
• Pneumatic rear suspension that absorb vibration and bumps on the road .

Variety of customization possibilities
• Different solutions of conditioned air for driver and passenger
• Seats luxury or economic (such as the school bus ) that may have custom fabrics on request
• Ability to pull a trailer with luggage .
• Lockable ski back
• Tailgate with pantograph opening and a large glass top
• Rich range of options : luxury interior trim , speaker phone , GPS, car audio system , electric control screen TV , possibility of individual TV screens and audio listening , info -mobility , route signs , refrigerator ...

Versions for Disabled
Many different solutions using platforms , guides and special attacks designed for this particular type of transport.

• Driver Airbag
• disc brakes, ABS + ABD + EDB , rear air suspension , electric brake ( opt) .

• prompt response factory , with the possibility of high volumes of short delivery times for large supplies
• excellent after -sales service and spare parts , with extensive service network and dedicated centers Cronoservice that guarantee a preferred corridor to the Daily.