The reasons

The Daily City Truck presented in Jerez in 1999 was a completely new vehicle to articulate its range into three classes:

  •     Class S and Class L for the segments of single wheels and missions read
  •     Class C for the traditional segment of the wheels .

In 2002 , Daily reaffirmed its technological excellence in the field of light commercial vehicles, introducing models .10 and .12 . Thanks to the revolutionary engine 2.3 HPI , Daily set new standards in operating costs (fuel consumption and maintenance costs ) , decreased emissions and noise and significantly improved ride comfort .
First , in the world of light commercial vehicles, Iveco had a 16-valve diesel engine with common rail injection of the second generation.

Today Iveco continues the strategy begun with the launch of Daily 2.3 HPI and defines the basic elements of business success in terms of:

  •     product Range
  •     Quality of product
  •     premium price
  •     Distribution network motivated and ambitious
  •     Sellers specialized and professional

The product range and quality
The product range is perhaps the first critical success factor : it must continually adapt to the changing needs of customers. Iveco listens carefully to its customers to upgrade the range to the needs expressed by those who work every day with the Daily . Today Daily focuses on three important issues :

  •     The productivity of the vehicle
  •     the comfort
  •     Safety.

The new models .14 and .17 will allow Daily to confirm its traditional position of dominance in the segment of 3.5 t vehicles with dual wheels and , more generally , to be even more competitive on the mission with high loads or bulky equipment . These two new models fully respond to the three themes defined by our clients .


fuel savings
Long maintenance intervals
Short times of maintenance
Commercial speed high


elasticity engine
noise reduction


The resilience of the vehicle is an element of active safety.


Daily AGile The new version allows you to greatly enhance our offer regarding the mission of a specific nature as campers, ambulance service, door to door delivery, minibus, hotel shuttles. The Daily AGile meets the requirements of our customer.


decrease consumption
Lengthening life of the powertrain


Less stress, less fatigue


The driver, less stressed, can concentrate better on driving

The ESP was developed in the world of cars and has proven its effectiveness. Iveco has decided to extend the world of commercial vehicles. The ESP allows the Daily to respond , across its entire range of vans up to 3.5 tonnes GVW , to demand more and more important to safety by our customer .

Distribution network motivated and ambitious .
Fundamental to Iveco and the Daily is the collaboration with its network of distribution partners . A motivated and ambitious network is capable of amplifying the efforts of progettativi Iveco transferring content to end customers and the values ​​of excellence in the Daily.
E ' for this reason that the relationship with the Net is for Iveco Daily for a central element of business strategy.

Specialized and professional sellers .
A Daily seller , unlike its main competitors from the automobile industry , lives constantly in contact with specialists in transport and therefore knows very well their specific needs .
This is an asset that contributes greatly to the success of the Daily today , and will become even more important in the future.
The already considerable investment in education and training have been enhanced :

  •     to refine the sensitivity to the customer and the ability to grasp the real needs ;
  •     to make it even more profound product knowledge and ability to advise and propose ;
  •     to make sure that, increasingly , their success and that of Iveco coincide with the success of the customer .