The new models .14 and .17

" With this engine , the vehicle has never short of breath ! "
( spontaneous comment of a test Iveco)

The new models take advantage of the new 3.0-liter engine that comes from the experience with more than 4 million light diesel engines produced by Iveco .

It has all the most typical quality of the engines Iveco is performing, thrifty , durable, reliable and built to last .

Each component has been designed to work heavy and prolonged . For example, the chain should be replaced after 350,000 km.

The Daily .17 boasts a maximum torque which is not only the highest in its class , but is also available from one end of the rev counter , in addition to having a power which allows you to take on any challenge .

In more , the productivity increases significantly to several factors :

consumption is reduced , up to 10% compared to the previous engine , thanks to the 16 valves and double overhead camshaft
stretching the oil and filter change intervals ( 40,000 km instead of 30,000)
improves the serviceability and accessibility of the mechanical organs , with response times shorter , lower costs and less downtime
improves comfort for the driver that is also reflected in personal efficiency , thanks to the engine that offers elastic resilience at all speeds without changing gears , and much more silent in the cabin.

On this point has been done a very thorough job .
The reduction of oil consumption was a priority project , but it has gone even further , with a result that speaks for itself :
reduced to 0 the top-ups between a change and the other .
At the time of the inspection recommended every 10,000 km, the oil level must always be within values ​​that do not require reversal .
It was also attended by proactively about potential leakage points where minor leaks could occur that are irrelevant to consumption but because of unsightly deposits on the engine . To do this , for example , have redesigned the oil channels reducing to less than half the points of sealing .
The exterior cleanliness of the engine reflects its quality .