Iveco & All Blacks. Built the same way

"Built the same way" , built in the same way , says one of the slogans that Iveco has chosen to celebrate the partnership with the All Blacks : to be the same way , same style in and win the challenges . Iveco and the most famous rugby team in the world took the field united by common values ​​, with the strength of a perfect harmony .
In this spirit, Iveco has sought and found teammates to continue the journey that began with the reorganization of the beginning of 2006 , now in full swing for the structural improvement of its competitive position. A reorganization that enhances skills and leadership, in a single structure in which it is clear who designs, who must produce and to sell , where product development is focused on the voice of the customer with cost effective solutions and cutting edge. An organizational change that is also reflected in the profound reformulation of Iveco values ​​oriented towards the ambitious goals of global expansion and profitability of the business .
That the All Blacks is the latest chapter in the long history of investments sports badged Iveco , which has always believed in high-level sponsorship for strengthening their identity at the international level . This time, however , in selecting their partner , the Company has wanted to adopt a strict criteria imposed as a conditio sine qua non affinity with the world of Iveco . This goal was attained thanks to the encounter with the All Blacks , a team that has much in common with Iveco, starting from the values ​​: Commitment , Reliability, Performance , Team Spirit .
Common values ​​that Iveco take on the meaning of a sense of responsibility towards ourselves and others, steely determination to keep promises , knowing that our results depend on those who work with us , the belief that only knowing how to listen with genuine willingness to cooperate you can anticipate change .
Values ​​that demonstrate how you feel Iveco company made up of women and men around the excellence of the product build solutions for the transport working in the knowledge that the success of Iveco necessarily passes through the success of corporate clients .