Good trip with Iveco Bus

To be Iveco Bus protagonist in passenger transport means to imagine a world in which both nice move, travel, explore, interact, meet and breathe.
A freer world, more beautiful to live: a world projected into the future and progress. This is the way that Irisbus track since its inception, with the intention of every day more and go further on the path of excellence. And since tomorrow is invented right now, is in the present that enrolls the future of innovations stemming from an imagination without borders.

Going forward is to demonstrate the modernity of public transport for its ability to provide timely and effective responses to the socio-economic challenges of tomorrow's world. Iveco Bus offers bus that will attract all passengers, because the innovation has value only if it is shared.

Through the design, comfort, safety, accessibility, and the relationship with the environment, public transport vehicles will attract a number of passengers even wider audience.

Iveco Bus engages in a consistent manner in partnership with its customers and imposes design rules more stringent than the regulations to develop transport solutions increasingly clean, fast, reliable and cost.

Believe in the future means investing in it and at the same time in the present to ensure success, for there can be no future without respect for the environment, Iveco Bus is committed for some time to propose sustainable solutions. Over the years, in fact, limit the consumption of energy and preserve air quality by reducing CO2 emissions has become an indispensable necessity. Today Iveco Bus can meet these needs thanks to the combined use of the SCR system and a particulate filter thus reaching the standard EEV (Enhanced Environmental Vehicle) available on all vehicles of the brand that far exceeds all levels set by the standards Euro 4 and Euro 5.

Everyone is a potential passenger: in this perspective Iveco Bus makes it indispensable on the full range ease of use and ergonomics for both the user for both the driver. The international dimension of Irisbus, combined with its leading position, gives a vision suitable to meet the challenges of today and those of the future. Iveco Bus take the road to the future true partner of its customers and their passengers, strong already been achieved and even more of the richness that comes from interacting with each actor, to imagine tomorrow's solutions.

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