​Overland Project

After traveling for 107 days and 28,000 km route "Overland 12" is finally in Bujumbura, the capital of the small African country Burundi, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

The caravan orange arrived in Burundi with more than 10 days late on the roadmap: to cross the terrible forest of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Congolese bush notorious, shipping took two weeks. What about maps seemed a distance in 4 days it turned out to be a hellish ride.
The bush, composed of dense trees and grass up to two meters, it was found at the edge of the impenetrable. The trail to follow was non-existent, pretty much just a path no longer used by any vehicle for a long time and the ground, after the recent seasonal rains, was full of deep holes filled with water and mud.

All means of shipment you are mired in the worst moments and trucks are sunk in the mud up to more than half of the cockpit. To be able to get out of deep holes even 2 meters and free transportation from the clutches of the mud of the trees were cut down and with the help of the population have been built walkways . During the day more difficult crossing of the bush , the expedition was able to advance only 3 miles in 18 hours. The vehicles were subjected to stress beyond the limits , but they never abandoned men. The exceptional performance of IVECO vehicles , such as the effectiveness of systems for traction and durability of the suspensions, have meant that the shipment of " Overland 12" has never stopped.
The path within the Congolese forest and the enormous labors endured , will surely be remembered by the men's team as one of the most difficult stages of the entire shipment , but the means IVECO and the team of " Overland 12" are really a strong team to nature and , after a stop in Burundi , the expedition will continue at a fast pace to get to Egypt in mid-May .

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