​Overland Project

Monday, July 5, 2010 "Overland 12 - In the heart of Black Africa" has been successfully completed and the men and the means IVECO reached Rome.

The expedition officially ended with a ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the presence of Foreign Minister Franco Frattini and General Director of Cooperation and Development, Elisabetta Belloni. In Piazzale della Farnesina the public could meet the team "Overland 12" and see live the famous orange vehicles IVECO.

It's been exactly 183 days from that cold morning of January 3, when the shipment has been made by the Headquarters of Iveco in Turin. Were covered
50,000 kilometers and traversed 30 countries. Have been overcome unimaginable hardships on tracks of all kinds, often rendered almost impassable by rainfall out of the norm.
On the African continent, where nothing can be taken for granted, the route of "Overland 12" is articulated along complex territories and from the point of view of environmental safety, but for the rich variety of people, landscapes and wildlife.

Beppe Simonato of IVECO , who led the EcoDaily 4 × 4 during the expedition , said that his participation in Overland 12:

"It ' was an amazing experience that can not unsubscribe from our mind.

Men Iveco Overland people are not out of the norm , but normal people who are passionate about adventure. In Africa, everything changes with respect to our world, especially as regards the timing and some of our habits , beliefs and certainties. So many things are different, many things are much more beautiful , so many things are much more real and above all we have completed as individuals and as men.

The protagonists of the mission were also the means IVECO ; EcoDaily the 4x4 , the two Massif, the Trakker and the two " Musoni " , always ready to overcome any obstacle that the caravan orange met on African soil . There is no test in the world more technical proof of this expedition and the vehicles behaved beautifully. Honour then these means that have proven reliability and versatility.

Iveco can rely on its own dealer network in Africa and the expedition has had the opportunity to meet directly with a number of partners , helpful and very useful in the support phase . Upon arrival of vehicles at their premises , have labored in technical assistance and are also made available to us in the team that we need to support . Iveco is well represented in Africa : there are people who are full of desire to do and that they have the knowledge that you have a great product to offer in these environments, particularly suitable for the Trakker , all'EcoDaily 4 × 4 , the Massif and at the same Stralis " .

The great adventure of " Overland 12 " has come to an end.
It ' been a difficult and extraordinary expedition, the longest, both in terms of duration and mileage, made ​​to date by Overland and IVECO

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