​Overland Project

The shipment of "Overland 12" is located in Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

After spending four months in the black continent is beginning to approach the end of this long journey that has been articulated through 21 African nations. There are only two weeks at arrival in Egypt but the caravan orange still has many miles in front of you and three large countries to be transited : Kenya , Ethiopia and Sudan.

The last few weeks have been without a doubt the most strenuous of the whole mission for the men and the means of Overland 12 because of the difficult conditions of the ground in the forest of the Congo that put them to the test. Mud and marshes have slowed the progress of the shipment. Among the many marshes are the worst saw as the protagonist one of the " curmudgeons " sinking into the clay soil that is tilted on its side 45 degrees and only after 17 hours of hard work the team was able to free the truck from the grip of the mud . Men have supported each other to overcome endless days and exhausting , with stocks of food and water that were beginning to run low, striving to find winning solutions to get out of situations that could be called truly impossible .

From the Congo expedition reached Bujumbura, capital of Burundi, where did the fourth and last change of drivers. The expedition had one day available to carry out routine deliveries of trucks and the tasks before resuming the road and headed for Rwanda.
After a beautiful day of travel on a good road , surrounded by breathtaking scenery , the expedition spent the night in a small town in Rwanda . The next day, the team decided to split to allow the Daily , accompanied by Trakker , to proceed immediately to Uganda at the Kampala CMC IVECO dealer who promptly assisted the vehicle was damaged while crossing the forest. The rest of the expedition started west to Lake Kivu before reaching Kampala a few days later .
While the media IVECO remained at the dealership for undergoing the necessary oversight action , the team was received by the Italian ambassador .

After this stop , " Overland 12" is heading towards the north: the clock is ticking , the desire to achieve the goal becomes stronger every day and men incite the means to give their best, in a bond between man and the machine that has become indissoluble , almost emotional , because it is thanks to the Iveco vehicles that the team will return home .

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