Overland Project

The shipment of "Overland 12" has reached the vast territory called the Horn of Africa.

This region, in the north-east of the continent, is sadly known throughout the world for its extreme poverty and political instability, and are part of Eritrea, Djibouti, Somalia and Ethiopia.

Upon reaching Ethiopia shipment of "Overland 12" has been facing slopes in poor condition, very similar to those overcome with great difficulty in the forest of the Congo. Once again, the rain has turned the ground into a quagmire difficult to pursue, creating veritable chasms. The violence of the rains did flood the rivers, carrying with it the makeshift bridges built by the local population, blocking or delaying the passage of vehicles.

Now the orange caravan is heading to Addis Ababa , capital of Ethiopia, where the media are expected at the plant AMCE (Automotive Manufacturing Company of Ethiopia ) for a thorough maintenance check and repair the damage suffered during this " infernal " path of return.

The main activities of AMCE , a company 70% owned by IVECO and the remaining 30% state-owned Ethiopian, are:
• assembly of commercial vehicles, including buses Iveco range
• preparation of the bus
• sales and marketing of products Iveco ( also assembled on site )
• Import of original spare parts Iveco
• support services according to the standards Iveco

After this stop indispensable for the vehicles, but also for men "Overland 12" after weeks of hard work and tension , the expedition will again march to the north. The next country to tackle will be the Sudan in terms of area is the largest state of the African continent .
The arrival in Cairo , initially scheduled for mid- May, be delayed by about two weeks due to the inevitable delays during these difficult and treacherous stages lifts

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