Overland Project

Iveco and "Overland" are synonymous with adventure. The events of the last month have put a strain on the shipping and Africa has shown its most wild and unpredictable.

After a forced break of more than 15 days Omorate , a small town in southern Ethiopia , the caravan orange has finally arrived to the capital Addis Ababa.
The causes of this additional delay is mainly due to two different issues : beyond the normal seasonal rainfall that made the tracks impassable and the difficulty of finding fuel for mezzzi .

Omorate is located in the lower valley of the Omo River , about fifteen kilometers from the border with Kenya. The slopes on the west side of the river impassable forced the shipment of " Overland 12" to stop for two weeks before being able to achieve, with great difficulty, to the opposite bank .

The Lower Omo Valley is a territory from the poignant beauty of the landscape and among the most isolated and inaccessible the entire African continent . The region is inhabited by various ethnic groups and people who have preserved rhythms and customs of life unchanged for centuries. The ethnic group most famous is undoubtedly that of Mursa , best known for the habit of women to apply a plate in the lower lip of the mouth.

The Omo River is born nell'altopiano Ethiopian and after about 800 kilometers flows into Lake Turkana. Its basin has a significant importance paleoanthropological: here were found numerous fossils of hominids. Among these finds were found mainly skeletons belonging to the genus Australopithecus and Homo.
For this reason in 1980 the Omo Valley was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After a brief stop in Addis Ababa shipment of "Overland 12" will try to reach as soon as the Sudan and then Egypt, last half of the country and this incredible journey that lasts 160 days.

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