Safety features

New across the range is the fitment of the latest generation ESP (Electronic Stability Program) as standard equipment on all models, which guarantees shorter braking distances and reduces the risk of skidding.  This state-of-the-art safety package integrates all of the vehicle’s safety functions including ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), which ensures directional stability under braking, ASR (Anti Slip Regulator), an important feature especially when reversing up a loading ramp in wet conditions and HBA (Hydraulic Brake Assist), which ensures optimised braking under emergency conditions.  It also includes Hill Holder, which provides assistance to the driver by stopping a vehicle rolling back when pulling away on an incline.

There is also an additional function named LAC (Load Adaptive Control) which identifies changes in the vehicle mass and centre of gravity along the longitudinal axis of the vehicle and adapts any interventions from the ABS and ESP safety systems according to the vehicle load. This enables LAC to optimise braking effectiveness, traction and stability. It also minimises brake-pad wear by optimising the distribution of braking forces and providing greater stability under any permitted load.

The braking system uses discs on all four wheels (the front discs are also ventilated), whilst on-board standard safety features also include driver’s front air bag across the entire range and optional passenger and driver-side window airbags.

Also new is the inclusion of a tyre repair kit on 3.5 tonne variants comprising a tyre inflation compressor, powered by the vehicle’s battery, and a sealing solution which can be used to repair punctures permanently up to 6mm in size without further damage to the tyre.  The repair kit is housed in a purpose-designed case securely mounted on the cab floor adjacent to the driver’s seat, replacing the spare wheel and carrier, which is now available as an option according to specific customer needs.
For models above 3.5 tonnes, the spare wheel with carrier remains as standard equipment with the tyre repair kit optionally available.