Euro 5 and EEV engine line-up

The new EcoDaily range also includes an extensive selection of models homologated according to the heavy duty regime and powered by completely new examples of the 3.0 litre engine.  Even though the minimum legislative requirement for the heavy duty regime is Euro 5, EcoDaily goes one step further by being homologated to the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally Friendly Vehicle) standard.

Available immediately from launch, this includes a 170 hp diesel engine, with a 140 hp option joining the range from the second quarter of 2010.  These two models join the majority of Iveco’s truck offering in being able to meet such high environmental standards, thereby demonstrating Iveco’s commitment to environmental care.  They also provide fleets with the ability to demonstrate their corporate responsibility by operating vehicles which are far cleaner than the minimum legal standard.

The stringent EEV emissions levels have been achieved using sophisticated two-stage turbo-charging engine technology in combination with EGR and a diesel particulate filter (DPF), with filter regeneration controlled by the engine management system.