Trakker: what’s new?

The latest evolution of Iveco’s off-road range, new Trakker, arrives to the market very much with the customer in mind. New Trakker continues the proven development of Iveco’s well known range of construction vehicles, built to meet the industry’s highest operational expectations. This began with EuroTrakker, a very robust vehicle for arduous off road applications. The latest evolution, new Trakker, matches the robustness with enhanced driver comfort and on road levels of interior noise and driver refinements.
A key aspect of the operation of new Trakker in service involves driving. The close family relationship between new Trakker and new Stralis is clearly evident in use of Stralis’ Active Day (AD) and Active Time (AT) cabs.

Cabin Design
The most obvious distinguishing feature of the new range is seen from the front of the vehicle: new Trakker has a typical design, developed by Iveco Style Centre in compliance with the needs pointed out by the customers, because respecting who drives also means providing him/her with a good looking truck.
The AT cab benefits from a new external equipment locker on the passenger side, in addition to the current one on the driver’s side of the cab. The locks for both lockers are electrically controlled.
Driver comfort is enhanced by improvements in the location of key controls: decompression engine brake, hydraulic retarder, radio, cruise control can all be operated without taking the hands off the steering wheel. Also the EuroTronic gearbox selector is mounted on the steering column.

Driving Comfort
All the controls are clearly visible and easy to reach in order to keep the vehicle always under control in complete safety and comfort.
Given the efficient climate control system and the excellent soundproofing, new Trakker can offer the driver a comfortable and safe driving also in adverse conditions.
With EuroTronic 2, a fully automatic gear shifting mode, the driver can concentrate fully on the road and the load. Even if the driver selects manual mode, the steering column mounted gear change levers mean that gear changing is effected without the drivers hands leaving the steering wheel. Also new is a further enhancement for the automated clutch engagement providing smoother drive take-up than ever.

Body building requirements
Construction site vehicles are basically trucks. The most popular outfit is certainly the tipper body, but there are also some very specific applications, such as cement mixers that carry concrete ready for use. Many have platforms, often fitted with handling cranes.
Clear from the start is the fact that body builder intervention will be required, if not for the tractor models but certainly for the rigid models. New Trakker makes life easy for the body builder with both electrical and mechanical provision for the body building process.
Body building activities supported by product features of new Trakker as follows:
• a range of transmission and direct engine driven PTOs are available for customers to order. With the body builder expansion module up to 3 PTOs can be controlled and programmed for specific engine speed options to suit each PTO;
• for customers wishing to have PTOs fitted that are not available to order, a PTO management facility is available which provides the necessary controls and electrical relays mounted inside the vehicle cab;
• body builders electrical connections are provided both within the cab and on the chassis frame to provide power for body lights and accessories;
• a feature of the expansion module is to provide an ISO 11898 CANopen data bus for exchange of data if required.
A new chassis electrical system improves flexibility for body builder intervention and periodic servicing. An electronic expansion module is included in the vehicle data bus providing a data bus specifically for the body builder.

Minimised running costs
Periodic Maintenance

New Trakker reduces maintenance costs minimizing downtime with prolonged engine oil change intervals (once per year) and through a quick and accurate diagnostics onboard. Periodic maintenance of new Trakker is assisted by the EasyMux electrical architecture. This system provides for optimised communication of all the major components and vehicle systems using much simpler electrical wiring, reduced number of cables, fuses and relays. Resulting in rapid and accurate fault diagnosis - should the need arise - in order that the vehicle spends as much time as possible working hard.

Fuel consumption
Always a vital consideration is fuel cost. Iveco cannot influence fuel price but new Trakker - in either Euro 4 or Euro 5 engine emission level - does return excellent fuel consumption thanks to the advanced combustion system employed by the Cursor engines and the SCR exhaust after treatment which allows the engine to be tuned for power and economy. Cursor Euro 4/5 engines are a reference point in terms of torque, life, maintenance and operating costs: they consume 2 to 5% less compared to the already economic Euro 3 versions.