Press release

THACO donates 30 IVECO Daily Ambulances to Ho Chi Minh City to support fight against COVID-19

TRUONG HAI AUTO CORPORATION (THACO), IVECO’s Business and Industrial partner in Vietnam, has donated 30 IVECO Daily Ambulances to Ho Chi Minh City in support of its fight against COVID-19.

THACO, a leading player in the Vietnamese automotive industry, is supporting Ho Chi Minh City’s efforts to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, with the donation of 30 IVECO Daily ambulances to the city’s 115 Emergency Center. The ambulances will be used to shuttle COVID-19 patients to hospitals throughout Ho Chi Minh City during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam.

These ambulances have been transformed locally by THACO based on IVECO vehicles, which are imported as CKD kits and assembled in THACO’s plant located in Chu Lai Truong Hai Automotive Industrial Zone.

The well-appointed ambulances are fitted with a full complement of medical equipment, including defibrillators, oscilloscopes, suction machines, and oxygen tank cabinets. Use of the spacious interior has been optimized to feature two seats to accommodate a nurse and a doctor with the patient in the compartment. The ambulance is also equipped with a negative pressure disinfection and cleaning system for transporting COVID-19 patients safely.

THACO was established in 1997 and has since become a leader in the Vietnamese commercial vehicles market. It has been appointed as official distributor and assembler of the IVECO Daily Minibus in Vietnam. The Daily Minibus is supplied in component kits by IVECO for assembly at the THACO factory in the Chu Lai Truong Hai Automobile Industrial Zone, and is sold and supported through the THACO distribution network in Vietnam.