Press release

The city of Tbilisi in Georgia chooses IVECO Eurocargo, “Sustainable Truck of the Year 2017”.

​Tbilservice Group, waste collection operator for the city of Tbilisi, took delivery of eight Eurocargo trucks.

IVECO partner GT Group won the tender for the renewal of Tbilservice Group’s fleet on the basis of the performance and suitability to the waste collection job of the Eurocargo, “The Truck the City Likes”.

Tbilisi, November 2017

IVECO supplied eight Eurocargo trucks in waste collection configuration to Tbilservice Group LTD Georgia, which runs the refuse collection and cleaning operations for the city of Tbilisi in Georgia.

The 12-ton vehicles are based on the new ML120E22 Eurocargo 4X2 chassis with rear driving axle. IVECO partner GT Group worked with the specialist body builder based in Turkey EFE Endüstrie Ve Ticaret, which produced and installed the waste collection body.

The new Eurocargo trucks will be an asset for the Tbilservice Group fleet with its exceptional agility in city center, quiet operation and low Total Cost of Ownership. The maximum width of cabin and the narrow turning circle give it excellent maneuverability.

The outstanding visibility, twin passenger seat for rear loading operations and easy cross-cab access make it ideal for waste collection applications. Everything has its place within arm’s reach and there are now more storage compartments for work items and documents.

The IVECO Tector Engine is the beating heart of the New Eurocargo ensuring elevated and extended toque value over a higher number of revolution: two factors that guarantee good response and reduced fuel consumption.

The Eurocargo is exceptionally strong, with the H-structured chassis frame made of high-yieldstrength steel that easily withstands even the stresses of an unbalanced load or sudden change of direction. This strength comes with the added advantage of a low tare weight, allowing for a higher payload.

The Eurocargo is the robust, reliable and versatile vehicle chosen by more than half a million customers in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia and Latin America. It will be a true work partner for Tbilservice Group.