Greenhouse gases and pollution represent an issue that cannot be neglected, or faced with old solutions. To make freight transport more sustainable, new paradigms are needed. Based on 25 years of continuous improvement,IVECO NATURAL POWER vehicles maximise the environmental advantages of natural gas.

Natural gas is the most eco-friendly fuel for internal combustion engines, capable of bringing significant environmental advantages:
• it improves local air quality, nearly eliminating air pollutants (-70% NOx, -99% PM, -90% NMHC vs EURO 6 limits),
• it mitigates global warming by significantly reducing CO2 emissions (about -15% compared to a diesel equivalent, up to -95% with biomethane),
• and it can dramatically reduce noise pollution in city centres and during night deliveries.

These are the reasons why European authorities are supporting a rapid development of the gas distribution network, by the year 2025, with the maximum distance between filling stations reduced to 150 kilometres for CNG and 400 kilometres for LNG.

Gas is ready for a breakthrough. Are you ready for gas?

A real alternative to traditional fuels must be as good as diesel in terms of performance, payload and versatility. To succeed, it also needs to guarantee the same or better Total Cost of Ownership.

We have this alternative.

NEW STRALIS NP is the first gas vehicle designed for long haulage. It is equipped with a 400 hp engine, it has the same payload as an equivalent diesel truck and, with a range autonomy of up to 1,500 km, it can travel from Madrid to Frankfurt without refuelling.

STRALIS NP means business. In long-distance missions (depending on the price of fuel) it can be a profitable option at 120,000 km/year, and deliver significant extra savings over that mileage. STRALIS NP means peace of mind in the face of forthcoming more restrictive regulations that will limit diesel vehicle access to city centres and to some alpine corridors.

STRALIS NP means opportunity, as demand for clean vehicles is expanding across Europe – from large retail organisations to the energy sector, from automotive to food and beverage.