URBANWAY Euro 6 Step E Natural Power


With more than 6000 CNG vehicles sold across Europe, IVECO BUS has always been a leading actor in the development of the natural power technology. The Urbanway CNG range now is equipped with the new engine IVECO Cursor 9 CNG, more powerful and efficient which replaces the 7.8 liter Cursor 8 CNG: this new engine has an increased displacement (fron 7.8 to 8.7l), higher power (from 290 to 310 HP for the 12m version and from 330 to 360 HO for the 18m version), new multipoint fuel injectors and a new fuel rail to allow for a higher flow rate. The engine is integrated in the vehicle with a new layout, longitudinal and vertical and it is coupled with an optimized rear axle ZF AV133, lighter and with extended oil intervals. The Cursor 9 CNG can be powered by biomethane with CO2 emissions close to zero.

For 12 and 18m versions new options for high capacity are now available, which makes it possible to expand the miles range and to avoid frequent stops for fuel filling. The 12m model tanks capacity goes from 1280 l up to 1610 l with more than 600 km of range while the 18m model tanks capacity goes from 1610 up to 1940 l.

Technical Sheet