Our Crossway buses represent the highest and most successful challenge in the world of public transport: carrying millions of people across Europe in a safe and comfortable environment, a high and reliable technological content at the best economic conditions in the market.
The biggest and most varied net of operated lines is the best testing track all over the world.
Market leader in Europe. Best experience.
Depending on the market requirements, Crossway and Crossway Low Entry are equiped with engines meeting Euro VI and also Euro III – Euro V / EEV standards.
Our intercity range offer consists also Arway, available only in Euro III and Euro V. This interurban coach is the perfect answer for those who need a vehicle dedicated to regional route services or for those who want a mixed mission vehicle.
In Euro III and Euro V/EEV, Crossway and Arway and are available in  12.0 and 12.8 metres.
In Euro VI, vehicles lengths have been extended to 10.8m, 12.1m and 13.0m, meaning even higher comfort both for the driver and passengers on board.