URBANWAY Euro 6 STEP E diesel


The new Urbanway Step E diesel range is now equipped with our sales champion Cursor 9, 310 HP for the 12m version and 360 HP for the articulated version. This engine combines high power and small displacement meaning great agility and over the years it has been highly appreciated by the end users for its robustness and reliability. The driveline is integrated in the vehicle with a new layout, longitudinal and vertical and it is coupled with an optimized rear axle ZF AV133, lighter and with extended oil intervals. Furthermore, all the IVECO engines are equipped with the HI-SCR after-treatment system which is a SCR only solution, without EGR that translates into higher efficiency, continuous passive regeneration of the filter (no need to stop the vehicle), lower temperatures and less components. The driver will find a new dashboard with a larger color screen while his position will stay elevated for a better visibility and safety.

These updates will benefit our customers with lower operating costs.