Dear business partners, colleagues,

I am delighted to welcome you to the first edition of our newsletter. This is the way we would like to send you regularly the most interesting IVECO BUS news I do hope our new e-bulletin will perfectly serve for this purpose.

In this first edition I would like to highlight briefly the exceptional results achieved in 2016. I am very pleased that we managed to increase our market share in the CEE region again.
Especialy in Slovakia, IVECO BUS become the absolute leader with the market share over 53% and in the intercity segment it was more than 69%.

IVECO BUS is also a leader in the intercity segment with 40,5% of the market share in Czech Republic – home country of Crossway, the most succesfull range of the presence in Europe which is produced in Vysoke Myto. This fact has also contributed significantly to the absolute record production of 3,885 buses produced in Vysoke Myto plant in 2016.

In addition to the intercity vehicles, I must point up on Urbanway,  city buses where we have also achieved important successes in the field of CNG, and the last but not least, our Daily minibuses that are becoming more and more popular for their comfort and driving parameters, not only with our bodybuilders but primarily with a wide range of our customers. This is evedineced also by award for minibus Daily Tourys was crowned  "International minibus of the year 2017".

We are indeed very delighted by this success, since it indicates that we will see more and more of IVECO buses on our roads.

The aspect of reliability of our buses and customers' satisfaction are a reflection of the quality and consistency of all IVECO BUS departments and teams which has become an integral part of the entire sales cycle and contributed significantly to the success and value of the IVECO BUS brand both at home and around the world.

I would like to thank all colleagues but especially our customers and business partners thanks to whom we have been able  to achieve the long-lasting success of our company. It is precisely their loyalty and favors that helped us significantly to succeed in reallizing our goals and fulfilling our working dreams.

May you find the reading interesting and enjoyable

Jan Kimla,

IVECO BUS CEE Country Manager