Designed with transport productivity in mind, Crossway in Low Entry version is a bus feeling at ease both in the city and intercity operations.

The Low Entry concept guarantees excellent accessibility for passengers getting on and off the vehicle.
The powertrain, based on the proven Crossway normal-floor vehicle, enables fast and economical transport in intercity, high-speed roads and city environment as well. 

CROSSWAY in low entry version is available in three lengths: 10.8m, 12m and 13m, with a wide variety of seat layouts.


Two models are the leading actors of the low entry transport mission:

- Low Entry Line for city and intercity operations
- Low Entry City per i tragitti urbani e suburbani

The low floor part between the front and the middle door allows for an easy access to all passengers. Vehicles can be equipped with manual or electric ramp with a dedicated internal area for disabled persons. The Low Entry City now features two- and a three-door configuration.


The use of the VDV/EBSF* standards in the driver’s workplace guarantees that drivers will always find the buttons and switches at the same place and that they will have the same ergonomic feeling regardless of the vehicle type.

The main target of these international standards is to provide higher comfort and safety. The IVECO BUS driver’s workplace fully meets the parameters required in the fields of ergonomics, workplace accessibility, heating and ventilation, and it is one of the best in the matter of visibility, internal noise level and stowage space.