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To the grids to prove the huge potential of bioLNG in driving the reduction of CO2 emissions in heavy-duty transport.

  • The co-branded project will demonstrate the full viability of bioLNG-powered trucks in decarbonizing road freight transport
  • The bioLNG-powered IVECO S-Way truck aims to achieve net-zero emissions in a 10-day long-haulage journey across Europe
  • Leveraging their leadership and know-how in the bioLNG segment, IVECO and Shell are driving the growth of the bioLNG market

IVECO, a brand of Iveco Group, and Shell are about to start their “ON THE ROAD TO NET-ZERO EMISSIONS” bioLNG tour, a 10-day long-haul journey across Europe on board an IVECO S-Way truck powered by bioLNG. The tour will start at the Mittenwalde Shell station in Berlin and will stop at five landmarks of the bioLNG ecosystem on the route that will touch Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. The IVECO S-Way’s goal is to complete the tour achieving net-zero emissions while delivering an efficient performance.

Each stage will provide the opportunity to bring together industry leaders and end-users involved in the bioLNG value chain – from production to distribution and utilization – for discussions on the use of bioLNG to profitably decarbonize road freight transport.

The joint project will showcase how strategic cooperation and policy leadership are driving the adoption of bioLNG in the European fleet market with the aim of raising awareness of the decarbonization potential of bioLNG for long-haul transport.

IVECO has pioneered internal combustion engines for alternative fuels for more than two decades and, in more recent years, has extended the scope of its development activities to include electrified solutions – both battery-electric and hydrogen-powered.

We strongly believe that a multi-energy approach is the best solution for the propulsion of tomorrow and to pursue the decarbonization challenge of the transport industry,” commented Giandomenico Fioretti, IVECO Head of Alternative Propulsion Business Development. “We continue to invest in bioLNG-powered trucks, as bioLNG has proven to be the one mature technology immediately available to provide an operationally and financially viable green alternative to diesel, with no compromise in terms of engine power, range, payload, or refueling time.

The bioLNG tour, a result of IVECO and Shell's successful collaboration, is meant to demonstrate that a long-haul route across Europe with a bioLNG-powered truck is possible, supported by a growing bioLNG ecosystem.

We aim to position bioLNG as a growing energy source in the European transport market. Together, we will contribute to the industry's transition towards a net-zero-carbon future,” said Giandomenico.

In addition to long-haul mission, the quiet operation of the engines in IVECO bioLNG-powered trucks compared to conventional internal combustion engines, makes these vehicles particularly well-suited to urban applications and night-time deliveries, while enhancing driver comfort. The compatibility of bioLNG with the existing LNG infrastructure, which counts 668 stations across the EU, makes it a ready-to-use drop-in fuel for LNG powered trucks without the need for equipment modifications or new investment. With an extensive network of LNG stations across the EU, which include 100% bioLNG options, fleets can readily access bioLNG without upfront costs. This flexibility positions bioLNG as a viable solution for decarbonizing fleets.

As the bioLNG market is fast-developing, IVECO, and Shell, are leveraging on their respective leadership position, their extensive presence and know-how in the sector to drive the bioLNG market up to a further growth. Through collaboration with transport companies and stakeholders, the two companies are actively identifying and collaborating on profitable and viable pathways to decarbonize the heavy-duty road transport sector.

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