IVECO at the Caravan Salon 2017

Naturally, as a key player in the motorhome market, IVECO is taking part in the world’s leading trade fair for caravans and motorhomes in 2017, where it is exhibiting its base solutions for safe and comfortable travel. The two relevant series from IVECO´s extensive model range are the Daily and the Eurocargo.

The Daily is the star of IVECO’s stand at this year’s exhibition, thanks to its overriding importance in the luxury and adventure vehicle segment as a seven-tonne chassis, together with a four-wheel chassis.

Once its consolidation phase has commenced, a vehicle becomes increasingly complete and perfected. It is against this background that IVECO has now incorporated non-wear and tear Telma retarders along with a Hi-Matic – the Daily is the only vehicle on the market to have a de facto continuously shifting stepless eight-speed automatic gearbox. There has also been another addition - in the form of an important safety feature: ESP. This is now integrated in all types of motorhome, from alcoves to fully integrated vehicles. It means that drivers of what are generally very heavy vehicles, at the limits of their gross vehicle weights and sometimes with high centres of gravity, enjoy maximum protection against all kinds of adverse conditions. These might arise through abrupt swerve manoeuvres, emergency braking actions with or without retarder operation, or extreme gusts of wind. In all of these situations, the system supports the driver in milliseconds by applying the necessary, precisely measured stabilising force. And it does this at all times with cold and therefore actively operating brakes, because the Telma brake is always applied first when decelerating.

However, taken together, these safety features also result in increased comfort. The journey from home to holiday destination is as safe as it is comfortable. Of course, this is also due to the sophisticated noise insulation system that has been added to the Daily in its recent model change.​

The Daily’s powerful engine is an important factor when it comes to relaxed holiday cruising. Indeed, it enjoys a special position in this segment. In terms of supreme torque delivery (up to 470 Nm), its three-litre cubic capacity is in a class of its own. You can also put the emphasis on performance, in which case a maximum of 205 hp is available, for instance, for overtaking manoeuvres. In conjunction with the velvety smooth eight speed automatic gearbox, you realise that more is just not possible! And the reason for it is on display at the stand, in the form of a 70C21A8/P CC (cowl).​

Fans of adventure travel visiting the stand will appreciate the 55S18 WS. With its off-road single tyring, the elasticity of the three-litre power unit, and up to 24 gears, its only limits are the laws​  of physics. Many superstructure manufacturers use this robust and installation-friendly chassis as the base for their expedition models.​

Not on the stand, but nevertheless visible with several bodybuilder manufacturers, is the Eurocargo. As far as safety is concerned, it sets standards - equipped with an adaptive cruise control (ACC) and automatic emergency braking system (AEBS), your guardian angel will always be with you. The cruise control responds to obstacles and even initiates an emergency braking if the driver fails to react to warning indications. This emergency braking function can be overridden by intuitive driver reactions, such as indicating or braking. Otherwise, the same applies to the Eurocargo: your holiday begins the moment you leave home. The sonorous sixcylinder engine and precisely coordinated gear shifting strategy, which automatically determines the appropriate gear pairing in the automatic transmission, ensure a relaxed drive.​

In this way, IVECO is defining the state of the art. Despite modern Diesel’s high efficiency and proven CO2 potential, it is the subject of frequent discussion. As a globally active manufacturer, IVECO naturally has to consider several possible future scenarios, one of which could be electromobility. To show just what is possible, a concept vehicle is on display at the Dethleffs stand. The motorhome presented - the Daily Electric 50 C 80 E - is purely electric in all of its functions, and as such constitutes a world premiere.

There is of course already an alternative, in the form of a natural-gas powered Daily. With three litres of cubic capacity and 136 hp, it is able to propel even heavy motorhomes quickly and quietly, thanks to its 360 Nm torque level. Europe has a suitably dense network of fuelling stations to ensure reliable energy supplies.


​​As an international manufacturer, Iveco has a dense network of service operations all over Europe, along with sophisticated spare parts logistics. As motorhomes have different requirements to trucks, IVECO has set up 400 Service Camper Centers throughout Europe, equipped to serve the needs of motorhome users. Fifty-one of these outstanding Camper Centers in Europe are certified.​​