Driving style is a key factor which greatly impacts on vehicle efficiency. Driving correctly can allow fuel savings of up to 12%.
Changing driving style is very simple and very effective and can easily be achieved by involving drivers in targeted training sessions.

ECOSTRALIS offers owners and drivers the opportunity to participate in a cost-effective driving course developed by Iveco.
Our cost-effective driving courses are practical tools for increasing your skills, getting to know your vehicle better and making the most of advanced training on how to adapt your driving style to save fuel.

Iveco invites you to take part in the courses held at our training facilities or, if requested, at your company premises. Iveco trainers are supported by professional drivers, who have in-depth, practical knowledge of the vehicle in all driving situations.

The Blue&Me™ Fleet system available on ECOSTRALIS can constantly monitor the performance of all vehicles in the fleet, identifying problems, such as excessive fuel consumption. It can be used as a means to identify drivers to invite to training courses and then subsequently monitor their improvements.

 ECOSTRALIS is the perfect formula for optimising driving.

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