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A target of 1000 IVECO natural gas vehicles by 2020 for Transport Jacky Perrenot, with an immediate signature of 250 Stralis NP 460 HP on the Solutrans stand, that will bring its IVECO Gas Trucks fleet to 550 units by the end of 2018

​​​​​On the occasion of the IVECO press conference at Solutrans, Transports Jacky Perrenot, one of the largest transport companies in Europe, has officially announced the order for 250 Stralis NP of which nearly 200 equipped with the new IVECO Cursor 13 NP engine featuring 460 hp.

IVECO and Transports Jacky Perrenot once again confirm their long-standing partnership – echoing the 250 Stralis NP 400 hp order of last year in Madrid – and reinforce their leadership in sustainable transport.

This new order – made the day after the first public presentation of Stralis NP 460 hp – marks a new milestone in the energy transition in the road freight transport sector in Europe. The 250 new vehicles will be added to the 250 Stralis NP 400 hp ordered last year in Madrid, and will be operated by Transports Jacky Perrenot throughout France. By the end of 2018, nearly 550 Stralis NP will be in operation: a new record with a new target: to reach 1000 Gas vehicles by 2020.

The acquisition of this third generation of natural gas vehicles by the Perrenot Group once again demonstrates the relationship of trust which has bound the two brands for many years. This historic partnership is further strengthened by the arrival of these new Stralis NP 460 hp, and confirms their joint commitment to sustainable transport.

Founded in 1945 and loyal customer of the brand since 1960 (UNIC at the time), Transports Jacky Perrenot has become one of the French leaders of transport in all its forms. The company employs nearly 5,000 people and operates a fleet of 7,000 registration cards, including 4,000 tractors and rigids. With more than 1800 vehicles, including 850 tractors, IVECO is the dominant brand within Transports Jacky Perrenot. Deeply invested in finding a relevant and effective solution to face the environmental challenges of road transport, Transports Jacky Perrenot is a pioneer, choosing natural gas and biomethane as an alternative to diesel since 2012, and positions itself today as the leader in clean European transport.

This innovation capacity is illustrated at Solutrans by the presence of two world premieres:

The first CNG - electric hybrid concrete mixer designed in partnership with IVECO and CIFA for VICAT concrete. This Stralis X-WAY CNG chassis mixer transports 8m3 of concrete with virtually no CO2, particle and noise emissions. Extremely manageable thanks to its configuration 8x2x6, it is the ideal tool for all urban projects as it preserves the quality of life in the city and the health of its inhabitants.

The first refrigerated truck equipped with a CNG engine cooling unit. The result of two years of collaboration between the Carrier and IVECO teams, this vehicle has a suitable CNG circuit that allows it to power the cooling unit completely autonomously, even when the engine of the truck is shut down. Powered by biomethane, this vehicle offers a zero-petroleum solution, silent and particularly energy efficient. Further advantages derive from the fact that it does not require any additional tank since it is the CNG tanks of the chassis that feeds the refrigeration unit. This truck therefore requires only one fluid, saving time and maximizing ease of use. For the trailer part, Perrenot chose, for its environmental consistency, to combine LNG traction with nitrogen technology for the production of cold. An autonomous technology, silent and without any polluting emissions in operation, which combines perfectly with that of IVECO for a sustainable transport.

About this order, Philippe Givone, Chief Executive Officer of the Perrenot Group's transport subsidiary, said: "This new order marks an important milestone in the Group's history. We made the choice of gas many years ago, and today we are strengthening our position as leaders in clean transport in Europe thanks to IVECO's expertise in alternative energies. Thanks to the increasingly dense network of stations and the new Stralis NP 460, which offers equivalent or better performance than diesel, we are able to offer our customers a "green" logistics and a daily commitment to reduce our carbon footprint. We are proud to be among the first to massively adopt this new technology. Our ambition is to reach the goal of exceeding 1,000 CNG vehicles in our park before the end of 2020. After the strong development of the food sector we now have strong expectations in the construction sector. With the arrival of the first Stralis X-Way NP, IVECO is once again in line with our expectations and will allow us to push back the limits of sustainable transport“.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, explains: "Gas is the most mature, versatile and affordable solution to replace diesel in the city and on the highway. More than the fuel of tomorrow, it is above all the fuel of today. That's why we strive to offer ever more efficient vehicles that respect the environment. By choosing our new Stralis NP 460, Transport Jacky Perrenot demonstrates the potential of natural gas and biomethane as an immediate alternative for freight transport. Transports Jacky Perrenot has been a pioneer in this field and has trusted us for many years. More than just an order, it is the recognition of IVECO’s leadership and expertise in this area. We are pleased and proud to see the Stralis NP 460 and the X-Way NP join the Jacky Perrenot transport fleet and thus participate in the sustainable development of the company."

Demand for LNG is growing rapidly in Europe as the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has identified LNG as the best applicable solution for long-distance haulage in the short term and for the next 10 to 15 years. By operating on natural gas of fossil origin, CO2 emissions of Stralis NP are up to 10% lower than its diesel equivalent, depending on the mission and composition of the gas – and up to 95% lower by using biomethane.
Thanks to IVECO's natural gas technology, particulate levels are negligible and NOx emissions are 60% lower than the Euro VI limits on long-haul missions. The truck is also much quieter, with noise levels being reduced by about 50%, improving deliveries in urban areas.

IVECO was the first manufacturer in the world of transportation to look at the potential of natural gas in 1991 – an anticipation that allowed the company to develop a full range of natural gas trucks, vans and buses. Currently, more than 23,000 IVECO gas powered vehicles are in operation.