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IVECO wins the Interactive Key Award in the Best Use of Digital Media category with MyIVECO portal

The brand was honoured at the 20th edition of the Interactive Key Award, the festival dedicated to online and mobile digital advertising.

MyIVECO, the IVECO portal dedicated to services relating to commercial vehicles, has won the 'Interactive Key Award' in the Best Use of Digital Media category, which includes innovative communication projects such as websites, mobile apps and digital tools that have broadened the experience of digital media, coordinating it to carry out the best marketing strategy. Selection criteria were developed in the areas of brand awareness, SEO and SEM marketing strategies, user involvement and loyalty.
The awards ceremony took place on Wednesday 22nd May at the new auditorium at the IULM University of Milan.

IVECO's award was collected by Fabrizio Conicella, Global Head of Digital Commercial & Specialty Vehicles, who said: “The commercial vehicle sector is going through a period of change that is taking place at an unprecedented rate, influenced by macrotrends like digitisation. IVECO turns these trends into opportunities for their customers. With the MyIVECO portal, the brand takes connectivity to the next level, opening the door to an innovative world of highly customised services, and providing an interactive interface for customers to monitor and manage their vehicle in real time wherever they are”.

MyIVECO portal [] is the platform that allows IVECO customers to remain connected to their vehicle through the constant monitoring of data via smartphone, tablet or PC. With MyIVECO users can access up-to-date information on the sustainability and efficiency of their vehicle fleet, via a CO2 emissions report and the monitoring of driving performance.

The Interactive Key Award award is the benchmark in the world of digital communication. Organised annually by Gruppo Editoriale Media Key, it is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2019. Alongside this award feature the Key Award and Radio Key Award, dedicated to TV and radio advertisements, and the Press, Outdoor & Promotion Key Award for events, poster and media campaigns.

The Interactive trophy was created to award those who, during the course of the year, have excelled in the field of creativity and technological innovation in online communication, improving its efficiency and technical and aesthetic quality, encouraging the notion of 'Made in Italy' online.

The hundreds of candidates put forward each year (200 projects were registered in 2019 alone) in more than 25 categories, are judged by a jury of 40 industry experts, including marketing directors and creative directors of Italian companies, journalists from major newspapers, semiologists, psychologists and university professors.