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DHL extends its sustainable fleet in Germany with 178 new IVECO S-WAY CNG
  • ​​​DHL Group has placed an order for a total of 178 new IVECO S-Way CNG for its Post & Parcel Germany division 
  • The Compressed Natural Gas technology is currently the most mature on the market, hence the infrastructure is more developed and vehicles more easily available compared to other alternative drive systems.
  • The new vehicles will be primarily used in inter-hub transport at DHL parcel centres and for customer pick-ups, as well as in urban deliveries to post offices, significantly contributing to the decarbonisation of road freight transport.



Turin, 26 February 2024


DHL Group has placed an order for a total of 178 new IVECO S-Way CNG for its Post & Parcel Germany division, expanding its fleet to more than CNG 450 trucks. The new trucks powered by bio-CNG will further reduce DHL Group's carbon footprint and contribute significantly to the decarbonization of road transport.


IVECO S-WAY CNG with box body

Of the units on order, 161 IVECO S-Way CNG trucks fitted with an AD190S34/P CNG box body will be used for shorter distances and day trips. The trucks feature a 4x2 standard chassis with a Gross Vehicle Weight of 19 tonnes, an Active Day standard cab with a low roof and a 340 hp 9-litre Euro VI-compliant CNG engine. Four gas tanks with a gravimetric filling volume of 80 kg per side are fitted on the left and right-hand sides. With a total of 160 kg of CNG, the trucks offer a range of up to 670 km.


IVECO S-WAY CNG with swap body chassis

The remaining 17 IVECO S-Way CNG are fitted with an AS260S46Y/FS CM CNG swap body chassis and will be used for inter-hub transport. These vehicles feature a 6x2 standard chassis with a steered trailing axle, the spacious Active Space cab and a 460 hp 13-litre Euro VI-compliant CNG engine. The CNG tanks have a gravimetric filling volume totalling 240 kg, which allows ranges of up to 1000 km.


Bio-CNG is a sustainable renewable fuel obtained from waste and residual materials. Using Bio-CNG, DHL will significantly reduce its CO2 emissions by up to 95 percent compared with a diesel truck – and will be able to even achieve a negative carbon footprint up to -120% if sourced from manure.


In addition to long-haul mission, the quiet operation of the engines in IVECO bioCNG-powered trucks compared to conventional internal combustion engines, makes these vehicles particularly well-suited to urban applications and night-time deliveries, while enhancing driver comfort.