Simplifying assembly of outfits

Simplifying the task of outfitting vehicles in order to save time and money, and improving the reliability of the end product: these are the goals set by Iveco.

To achieve them, the Trakkers fit anchorage elements for the outfit structures along the chassis (bolted plates and brackets). Where the electrical system is concerned, a fused 21-pin interface is envisaged in the cab, with a bipolar cable extending along the chassis, to supply a junction box and an independent positive terminal on the battery. Another important advantage for bodybuilders and users is the optional DMI electronic control unit that can manage up to three PTOs and allows the engine operating characteristics to be programmed for each one of them.
The vast catalogue of factory-mounted options includes air filters, fuel tanks, vertical exhaust pipes and PTOs on the gearbox and timing gear. The various shapes and positions of the air filter can accommodate all the stabilisers for rear cranes and cement pumps on the 6x4 and 8x4 models. This policy of customising the vehicle right on the assembly line is made possible by the flexibility of the Iveco plant in Madrid, but also requires close cooperation between the Iveco salesman, the customer and the outfitter.