Stage 6: No more troubles for the Iveco Team: De Rooy is 4th!

After a few days of accident-caused technical problems, the Iveco's full fleet has been able to finish today's competition without major incidents.

​Gerard De Rooy has been again the best performer in the 4th place, making a huge effort to get close to the podium behind the Kamaz trucks. Stacey remains 7th in the overall ranking.

The Dakar convoy is now heading northward on Chilean territory after a difficult special stage covering 277 km between Antofagasta and Iquique. Today, while crossing through highly diverse terrains, the drivers had to overcome a salt flat and various dunes with abrupt changes in altitude before they could reach the finish line.

Gerard De Rooy’s Iveco Powerstar made a great effort to catch up with the dominating contenders of the Kamaz Team, after a minor delay halfway through the stage. The Dutchman finished 4th after completing the 277 km of the special stage, only 11m31s away from the leader and less than one minute behind the third place. He also remains away from the lead in the overall ranking due to his performance in past stages, and now standing 7h35m behind the top spot.

Iveco’s best performer in the overall ranking continues to be Hans Stacey, who finished today’s competition in 8th place and maintains the 7th position in the overall ranking.

Pep Vila lost one position in the overall ranking and is now 13th.