Line up

IVECOBUS offers a complete line up that constantly is evolving.
The current range comprises URBAN and SUBURBAN buses, TOURING COACHES and MINIBUSES:

  • Daily minibuses in schoolbus, urban bus and touring coach versions;
  • Citelis, urban buses;
  • Arway, Crossway and Crossway Low Entry for out-of-town routes;
  • Evadys H and HD, Domino HD and HDH, plus Magelys to complete the touring range.

It is important to underline that today’s range complies with Euro6 standards emissions, while for CKD customers, we currently sell products with Euro3/4 emissions to respect local legislations as Eurorider – Midi-rider models  on the medium range of out-of-town buses and Euromidi on the light range.

We sell the Eurorider and Midirider chassiscowls for the CKD world, which can be outfitted with customised coachwork and adapted to the specific needs of the licensees.

Ivecobus pays particular attention to respect of the environment, offering numerous solutions to preserve air quality by reducing CO2 emissions.
Today Ivecobus meets these needs thanks to the combination of the SCR system and a particulate filter, thus achieving the EEV standard (Enhanced Environmental Vehicle), which is available on all the brand’s vehicles that are well within the limits set by Euro 4 and Euro 5 legislation.
The eco-friendly Ivecobus range includes vehicles with diesel engines and CNG models equipped with new generation engines running on natural gas, electric and hybrid buses and proper urban Alternative Urban Transport Systems, like the Civis and the Cristalis, new generation trolleybuses that combine the characteristics of a tram with the flexibility of road transport, and can be supplied by either the overhead grid or onboard generators.

IVECO also markets the minibuses (POWER DAILY) manufactured by the NAVECO company (in China), with 103 to 146 Hp diesel engines and 123 Hp petrol engines, and GVW from 3.5 to 6.5 tonnes.
See the .pdf table attached.

General datasheet Ivecobus