Iveco Bus models

IVECOBUS is a company of CNH I.V.-Iveco Group specializing in the production of school buses, minibuses, city buses and inter-city line,from touring and coaches models .
IVECOBUS is one of the leading European manufacturers in the transport people sector and is steadily expanding its operations worldwide, with a presence in over 40 countries.

IVECOBUS was born as IRIBUS in January 1999 by an alliance between two large industrial and commercial groups - Iveco and Renault V.I. - Who decided to join their efforts in the field of transport people through the merger of their respective buses sectors.

Since early 2003 the company became part of one hundred percent of the Iveco Group.

In 2013 Irisbus become IVECOBUS, strengthening the identification of this business with other international activities of the company, encouraging the development and recognition of the Bus range products in all
An international dimension that has established itself as a major player in the passenger transport sector and, in addition to hold a leading position in Europe, where it ranks second among the bus manufacturers, has a major role to worldwide.
Such a result is due to the considerable efforts made in the field of research and development, the strong brand presence on the territory made possible through a distribution network and extensive service, efficient and reliable, and the high technological level of production facilities; a major strength of the complete solutions offered by Iveco Irisbus, is the protection of the vehicle structure with cataphoresis treatment, a process that requires considerable investments and that only very few manufacturers are able to offer.