Case opening

The cases must be opened following the “Case opening” instructions described below:

  • Remove the Valeron protection from the lid, applied only on some cases.
  • Remove the screws that connect the metal corner elements to the sides.
  • Cut the metal strips with hand shears, taking care that they do not spring back into the face due to the elastic effect.
  • Using a pneumatic or electric screwdriver, remove the screws fastening the lid to the end-piece to open (marked “open this side").
  • Remove the screws that fasten the sides to the long members of the end-pieces and remove the side itself.
  • Take care that any water remaining in the cavity of the lid does not enter the case.
  • Carefully remove the internal anchorage splints, checking the arrangement of the material contained.
  • Empty the case by hand or with suitable equipment.


Iveco is responsible for the contents of the cases, in the event that it is not expressly indicated in the agreements in being with the customers, up to 6 months from the date the cases were dispatched.