Customer plant overview - valuation

First of all, Iveco experts must carry out preventive valuation of the type of plant, the machinery and the equipment present in the licensee company, in order to meet the manufacturing and quality requirements of the product to be industrialised.
The plant must be identified by analysing the points indicated below:

  • Verification of the adaptability of existing facilities to the technologies for the new production.
    The adaptability of the facilities is verified as indicted below:
    • By an overview of the general characteristics of current output.
    • Analysis of the adaptability of facilities to the new requirements.
  • Analysis of the processing capacity of the existing facilities.
    The capacity of the plant is evaluated by analytically verifying what has been manufactured in the past.
    If the capability does not meet the requirements, one of the following solutions must be adopted:
    • Review of existing facilities
      The review of the plant must respect legislation in force in the country in question, requesting testing and verification of the capability.
    • Installation of new technologies
      The installation of new technologies must respect legislation in the country in question, and meet the needs of both the licensee and the market.