IVECO: Stralis X-Way the new truck response in Tunisia

​IVECO launches today at Golden Tulip the new Stralis X-Way range in Tunisia to mark a new milestone in the commitment of the IVECO brand on the territory and bring a new typology of Truck on the market.

IVECO's presence on the Tunisian market goes back to the 1970s, and thanks to targeted and constant investments over the years, our Brand managed to reach, in 2018, a circulating park with about 8,300 units.
IVECO counts on the territory a sales and service network which is the strong point of its strategy. Indeed, today it is made up of 3 dealers and 10 points of sale and service, and has experienced a very important growth in the last two years doubling its presence in the territory.

During the year 2017 the market touched the 4,500 units distributed as follows: 57% Light range and 43% Range Heavy Duty. The Daily on the Light Range, thanks to Van and Cab Chassis, are well known for their legendary robustness and quality, has been and still is a reference vehicle in this segment which has achieved a remarkable 36.6% Market Share and the first place in its segment.
In 2017, IVECO achieved a remarkable result in the Heavy segment with first place in this segment, thus reaching a market share of 22.5%.
This success was focused mainly on two segments that together account for about 56% of the total heavyweight segment in Tunisia; the 8x4 segment (38% of the market) and the 18t segment (18% of the market), thanks to two well-known products in Tunisia and throughout Africa, the Trakker and the Eurocargo ML180.
On the rest of the market (44%), dominated by 4x2 tractors, the IVECO offer consists of two vehicles;

  • The 4x2 Trakker that plans to use the ASR in combination with a specific axle ratio
  • Stralis 4x2 with 100% road use
With the introduction of a new evolution of the 4x2 Tractor, the Stralis X-Way, the star of the event, a vehicle with an off-road mission, IVECO can offer the Tunisian customer a complete coverage of the market.
The Stralis X Way is a product that represents an ideal link between the two road and off-road worlds, an important intermediate vehicle segment with the comfort of a road vehicle but capable of traversing OFF Roads. Like its cousins Trakker and Stralis, the Stralis X-Way is a product studied, developed and produced in Europe. The concept, features and performance have been studied between ULM - Germany and Turin - Italy, engine production is at Bourbons Lancy - France and assembly in Madrid, Spain.

The range of Stralis X-Way in Tunisia is represented by two tractor versions (4x2 single and double reduction and 6x4 single reduction) and a 6x4 carrier version that will be available for the end of the year. The range of cabins is the same for the Stralis, with the possibility of a 2.5m wide cabin that offers the highest level of comfort. The engines offer powers from 430 hp up to 540 hp with two Cursor engines 10 liters and 13 liters, all available with manual and automated gearbox.
The entire tractor range is available with mechanical and pneumatic suspensions for more road use, combined with a robust disc braking system, capable of guaranteeing safety, reliability and resistance. The combination of a tank capacity of 1,000 liters on the 4x2 tractor combined with a competitive fuel consumption allows to offer a range of 3,000 kilometers for the simple reduction (2,600 for the double reduction). The 6x4 tractor has an interesting range of 1,500Km. And of course the Stralis X-Way adopts all the Stralis security features, including optional EBS and ESP. The strength of the Trakker is ensured by the use of the same 7.7mm thick chassis and a modular ground clearance thanks to the choice of three different "set up", ON, ON + and OFF:

  • the set-up "On" summarizes all the features of the STRALIS in terms of visibility and cabin access
  • The set up "Off" combines all the necessary performances to satisfy an off-road behavior.
  • The "ON plus" set up is the real news for customers who need the best combination of road and off-road use.
​​All this makes the Stralis X-Way a perfect vehicle for construction logistics but also the ideal vehicle in all situations that require an all-terrain approach to urban and road missions, for example when the quality of roads is underway. improvement but is not acceptable for road vehicles.